Why it is better to eat slowly and not to rush somewhere. Everyone likes to eat tasty and nutritious food. But scientists recommend, in order not to overeat, to eat in small portions and very slowly. In this way, you will not only reduce your weight, but also put your blood pressure in order and prevent the development of arthritis. Slow absorption of food leads to other positive results. First of all, if you eat fruits slowly, you can gradually reduce your appetite.

Digesting food “with the mind” helps to significantly reduce the desire to eat more than the norm – the so-called. conscious eating. As a rule, people almost always overeat and in smaller or larger doses. This is due to the fact that the feeling of satiety comes a little late – after about 20 minutes after stopping eating. This is where stomach pains and problems with excess weight come as a result.

If you slow down this process, then you can feel satiety in time and stop when your body has received the required amount of food. In addition, swallowing food slowly helps with portion control. If you eat more slowly, then you will quickly fill up, even with such small portions that previously seemed too “microscopic” to you. And this will help you lose weight faster and feel free and light.

Of course, the preceding points lead to the fact that a person who eats slowly does not gain extra pounds and therefore does not suffer from depression. He has no desire or need to follow a diet. In addition, as experiments in France show, people who enjoy slow chewing and small portions of food suffer less from cardiovascular disease.

Why is it better to eat slowly, what to do

Why it is better to eat slowly and not in a hurry. Slow digestion also helps digestion. We all know from school, from anatomy classes, that digestion does not begin in the stomach, but much earlier. Already in the mouth, food combines with saliva and begins to break down into separate elements, which are absorbed much faster by the body and saturate it with energy.

That is, the slower you eat, the better the digestion process will be. Swallowing pieces of food quickly, without chewing, you deprive your body of useful trace elements and substances. If you eat slowly, you can really enjoy the taste of the food. And it will make every meal interesting. As the French say: enjoy not the effect of the food, but the impressions it brings.

In addition, eating slowly will be your first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Experiments show that fast food lovers often do not notice what they eat, so they can clog their bodies with all sorts of harmful foods. Japanese scientists prove that eating slowly helps protect against the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In addition, people who eat too quickly and are not too familiar with the quality of products often suffer from the so-called metabolic syndrome, when a person increases blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and develops obesity. The process of rapid food intake also leads to frequent heartburn, which is important for those who suffer from gastritis. Well, after all, if you eat slowly, it definitely won’t hurt you!