Why black sesame is so useful for women and recognized as one of the oldest and most useful seeds known and used by humans. These small, oval, flat seeds come from the sesame, flowering plant that belongs to the Pedaliaceae family. Sesame pods open when ripe – a hallmark of the famous phrase “open sesame”. Compared to other seeds, black sesame seeds (Sesamun indicum) are known for their high oil content. It is known that the oil stays fresh longer and does not turn easily.

The seeds have a fine nutty taste that becomes a little more intense when baked. People like the seeds because of their nutty taste, as well as because of their delicate, almost imperceptible crunch. They are often used in breadcrumbs, healthy breads, pickles and crackers. Sesame seeds are available in several varieties – brown, yellow, black and white. Black sesame seeds have a more intense taste and aroma than others.

Why black sesame is so useful for women
Why black sesame is so useful for women

They are also the preferred variety for medical use. It is known that Chinese herbal medicine has used the seeds for centuries because of their nutritional and therapeutic properties. Black sesame seeds may be small, but they are full of nutrients. They are rich in vitamins B and E and thiamine. They contain minerals such as copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, as well as tryptophan, an amino acid.

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They contain lignans sesamolin and sesamin, which are effective antioxidants. They are rich in fiber. It is not surprising to find that more and more people are using the seeds to support their health. Why is black sesame so useful for women? Black sesame has anti-aging properties. Chinese herbal medicine recommends the use of black sesame seeds to slow down aging, hearing loss, poor memory, gray hair and poor eyesight. Iron and B vitamins in the seeds help to combat these symptoms associated with advancing age.

Black sesame is recommended for healthy skin and bones. The calcium in these seeds helps keep bones healthy. Zinc helps strengthen bones. The seeds are especially recommended for older women who are high-risk candidates for osteoporosis. Rich in vitamin E, the seeds also keep the skin vibrant and healthy. Gentle massage of the skin with moisturizers to which sesame oil is added, proves to be effective in the pursuit of youthful elastic skin. Sesame oil is recommended for use in babies. The gentle gentle massage with the oil helps the babies to sleep better.

Black sesame is good for the heart.

The oil is also useful for protecting delicate skin from rashes. The seeds are rich in sesamolin and sesamin, substances recognized for their ability to lower cholesterol levels. They also contain magnesium, which helps control the rise in blood pressure. Black sesame protects against cancer. The antioxidants (fiber and lignans) and phytochemicals (philosterol) in the seeds provide protection against some cancers, such as colon cancer. The seeds also contain sesamin, which protects the liver from the harmful effects of free radicals.

A healthy liver allows the body to detoxify and fight diseases such as cancer. Philosterols further reduce the risk of cancer by strengthening the immune system. Black sesame promotes the health of the digestive tract. The seeds relieve indigestion and constipation. They contain healthy oils that help “lubricate” the intestines. The seeds also provide the dietary fiber needed for healthy digestion. . Black sesame helps women with breastfeeding.

Seeds are a great alternative for breastfeeding mothers. They increase breast milk. Calcium, zinc in food, iron, magnesium, copper, B vitamins, unsaturated fats and protein in the seeds are useful, especially for lactating women. Black sesame reduces anxiety. The magnesium and calcium in sesame seeds relieve stress. Tryptophan and thiamine in the seeds help produce serotonin, a compound present in the human body that helps reduce pain, balance mood and make healthy sleep possible.

Black sesame relieves the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The seeds are rich in honey, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to counteract the difficulties caused by the disease. Black sesame improves the health of the respiratory tract and blood vessels.

Magnesium in the seeds prevents airway spasm in patients with asthma. It lowers blood pressure, thus helping to prevent heart disease, stroke and heart attack. It helps to restore sleep to normal, thus helping menopausal women to feel calm and peaceful sleep, which often slip away from them due to their condition.  The calcium in black sesame helps prevent various problems, including premenstrual syndrome and migraines.