foods are rich in digestive enzymes
How they help in balanced nutrition and regular exercise

Which foods are rich in digestive enzymes? They help in digestion.
Balanced nutrition and regular physical activity are essential to maintaining a healthy digestive system. If one can optimize the daily menu, this significantly reduces the risk of stomach upset such as constipation, pain, swelling and extinction.

That’s why it’s important from which foods our menu is. We need those that contain natural digestive enzymes to help digest the food. See some delicious and useful foods that take care of your digestive system.

Kefir has a texture similar to yogurt but is not so creamy. It can be taken as a drink. Kefir contains enzymes that one needs for healthy digestion. It also contains more natural bacteria than most yogurt.

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Bananas are rich in potassium but also contain the enzymes amylase and maltase. Amylase is naturally found in saliva and can degrade foods, including carbohydrates. Malta is able to break down the small sugars in the body and allow the digestive system to easily process these foods. In addition, the fruit also contains good amounts of fiber important for good digestion.

Add this exotic fruit to the daily menu. Contains the bromelain compound, which reduces the risk of cancer. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Pineapple contains a number of enzymes that will stimulate digestion, including cysteine ​​proteinases, which can help the body break down proteins more easily.

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Avocados is the other superfood, which has many benefits for the health of the digestive system.

It contains lipase – a digestive enzyme that helps break down fat in the digestive tract. It can help reduce the symptoms of indigestion and discomfort.

Bee pollen

Bee pollen has almost everything that is necessary for the health of the human body.
Did you know that over 5000 different enzymes are contained in pollen? Honey also helps immunity and contains natural antioxidants.

Bee pollen can be added to a variety of foods, including oatmeal, cereals, yogurt (unless you have honey or other allergies) and enzymes in it can contribute to good digestion.

This fruit contains proteolytic enzymes (those that liquefy proteins in the body) and epamin papain. The consumption of papaya helps maintain the digestive system healthy. Papaya is considered to be one of the most effective foods in this regard and can help with the digestion of meat and other digestible proteins and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Kiwi has powerful health benefits for the digestive system. It contains an enzyme known as actinidine. Thanks to this, degradation of proteins from meat, eggs, fish is easier. That’s why every day you can eat kiwi.