Which day what to eat
Which day what to eat according to ancient teachers nutritionists

Which day what to eat,  it is managed by different planets and have to eat a certain type of food. Each planet has an impact on the growth of a specific food. It is useful to know what day what to eat!

1. Monday is the day of the moon – in this day are useful green foods such as rhubarb, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, green beans;

2. Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars – its color is red, so are suitable red and spicy foods such as tomatoes, onions, red peppers, radish, white radish because it has a slightly bitter taste and chilies;

3. Wednesday is a day on Mercury – favorably digested carrots, lemons, pears, peaches, melons;

4. Thursday is a day of planet Jupiter. In this day of eating pumpkin, potatoes, okra and dairy products;

5. Friday is the day of Venus – consumed peas, sesame, it is better to eat apples, strawberries, plums and cherries;

6. Saturday is a day of gloomy Saturn – this is the day in which virtually anyone to eat nuts is useful eat freely walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Good impact there with coffee, cocoa, dried fruit and black radish;

habits food
one must accept food exactly as he needed

7. Day light day of sun. This day has the greatest impact on life on earth if there is no sun, no food. Useful for consumption are rice, lentils. The sun painted a warm orange color, so useful and foods with this color, and these are oranges, tangerines and apricots.

One should always enjoy the food, rather than trodden greedily. Each bite is good to chew 32 times – just as there are teeth in the human mouth. Thus not only really feel the taste of what you swallow, but open and our senses, and the food itself gives us energy;

Everyone should consume food portion corresponding to its age. For example, older people should consume no more than 12 bites, and young – aims 21. Give reasons is the fact that young they need more food to have the strength to love and adults symbolize wisdom;