eat to lose weight
What to eat for weight loss, what we choose and what to forget? Which foods to eat and which never put in your mouth

What to eat for weight loss, what we choose and what to forget?

Which foods to eat and which never put in your mouth? Even when we have no desire to lose weight, there are foods that you should avoid and those that must constantly be present in our menu.
choose from:
fruits and vegetables
bread, rusks
milk and dairy products with low fat
rice, pulses
fragile place, chicken or turkey breast
virgin olive oil
fresh herbs – parsley, mint, oregano, thyme
herbs and tea

Sugar and sweets. If we can not eat something sweet during the day, preferably homemade jam, lukumat and candied fruits, because they contain only sugar. Sausages and fattier place. Sausages do not provide anything to the body, on the contrary, it only loaded with unnecessary calories, fat and salt, which leads to fluid retention.

But when you think about it, this is the smallest problem of sausages. They are full of preservatives and dyes, causing malignancies (even scientifically proven recently by the teachings of BAS). Forget for fattier meat such as pork, lamb or goat meat.

What to eat for weight loss
What to eat to lose weight, simple rules for achieving rapid and lasting results without the need for additional pills and other artificial foods

Focus on chicken and fish. Sodas, alcohol. They provide us only with sugar, calories and other harmful ingredients. Energy drinks are also in this figure. They can replace them with natural make healthy blush. Of alcoholic beverages exception of wine, but in moderation. It protects the cardiovascular system. Nuts. If you’re surprised hurry to reassure you.

Nuts in moderation are very useful, but repeat – in moderation! They have quite a few calories and if we can not eat them in moderation, it is better to restrict them completely. Butter and margarine. Fat fat without sense. In 1 g. Fat contains 9 calories. And when we talk about margarine, there is much to say, but if you write will certainly treat a summons to appear in court.

A joke of course! The amount matters! Any food groups to stop, do not forget that usually fat from overuse. Everything is strictly individual.