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the truth about the different types of meat

What meat is most useful, the truth about the different types of meat. Meat and meat products occupy considerable space on our table.

It has been shown that the meat proteins have high biological value, because they contain all the necessary amino acids the human body.

Also contain proteins that are essential for our body as they represent a major structural component n all cells, enzymes, antibodies and most of the human hormones.

Proteins are required for all ages – from infancy in periods of childhood and adolescence, but also for the elderly and for women during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of different types of meat?

Pork and beef are the most important source of iron. Beef contains 2.1 mg. iron and pork – 1. 0 mg. Pork, which contained twice more selenium than beef.

Selenium stimulates the body’s immune system, maintain proper thyroid function and prevents many types of cancer.

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What are the benefits of consumption of various types of meat

The truth about the different types of meat and what is most useful Regarding the protein content of beef and pork provide us with nearly equal amounts – 100 g pork fillet contains about 20 grams of protein, almost as contains 100 g serving beef tenderloin.

Pork and lamb contain iron and zinc in quantities much smaller than those that contain beef – 100 g which provides us with 2. 7 mg. iron and 4.1 mg. zinc.

Pork and beef contain protein, selenium and zinc. They are rich in minerals and vitamins B-complex.

Chicken meat contains protein with high nutritional value, which do not cause allergies, are easily digested and absorbed 100% of the human body.

Consuming 100 grams of chicken meat per day provides 50% of daily needs of men and 65% women. Compared with beef, chicken meat contains less fat and cholesterol.