What is Maclura and how it helps two questions that we will answer in today’s post. Since it is unlikely that you have heard the name Maclura, there is no need to guess whether it is a dish, a strange kind of cheese, sausage or a distant spice. No, it is a type of ornamental plant, but it also has many benefits for human health.

What is Maclura and how it helps the human body
What is Maclura and how it helps the human body

This is the reason why we inform you about it, because you will be surprised to find how many places it is found in Europe. You can also find the Maclura plant written as Maclura or with more interesting names such as Adam’s apple, wild orange or Chinese mulberry. In France, it is even known as the Bow Tree, because it is from it that the best bows were made. Maclura is actually from the Chernichevi family and its varieties are about 10, and only two can be seen in Bulgaria.

Almost all plants are planted for decorative purposes and you will find them in the parks of the capital, in Plovdiv, Varna, Nova and Stara Zagora and many other places. There are also many wild Maclura trees scattered throughout the native lands. Until they give birth to their fruits, which stay on them for about 2-3 months, you would hardly pay much attention to them, but in autumn they are really very attractive.

maclura fruit
Ways to prepare ointment, medicines for personal use and various herbal tea decoctions.

As well as highly poisonous. Given our last statement, you will probably be surprised that Maclura is used to prepare medicines that are suitable for both external and internal use. In no case do we advise you to prepare your own medicines for internal use, but to use only ready-made products. As we said, Maclura fruits are very poisonous. However, you can prepare an ointment intended for external use.

It is very effective for dealing with joint pain, as well as for any diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is also recommended for people with gout, skin problems and even hemorrhoids. Maclura ointment is prepared by grating the fruit (this is done with gloves) and add lard to them, but fresh.

The ratio should be approximately 5: 1. All this is left in a water bath for 24 hours, after which it can be used as an ointment for all the mentioned diseases.