our favorite drinks
Do we know what is contained in our favorite drinks

Do we know what is contained in our favorite drinks? Water, even warm, undoubtedly the best drink for body and mind.

The problem is that it has no taste or smell, and although it feel healthy, resort to more pleasant drinks to quench your thirst.

Many people fall victim to clever marketing companies that marketed juices and drinking with large signs that are 100% natural and leaving harmful information almost invisible in a small box in the back.

Calories and saturated fats remain hidden and not so visible, but once we were deceived and we have not paid attention to this information, begin to complain of overweight, nutritional and health disorders.

Studies biggest users are children, teenagers and young people. Milkshakes proven to cause health problems and we all know that they contain sugar and fat, combined with sandwiches and cause severe food problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Harmful ingredients in our favorite drinks

Energy drinking are unchangeable assistant for refreshing the body and energizes the body, but we know what’s in them?

Sugars, caffeine and taurine are a small part of the contents of this drink, which can lead to heart attack, hypertension at an early age, diabetes, stress state of increased anxiety and many others.

energy drinks
short list of ingredients that harm our health, complaining of overweight and stomach pains, energy drinks

Flavored water beverage that ochavame be a pleasant aroma and probably interesting taste. This is great, but many of these flavors could lead to allergy, asthma and migraine.

Coffee with milk too often replaces our intake of water, but scientists prove the harmful effect of the drink, especially in people suffering from high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, glaucoma and heart disease.

Be careful before you drink your cup of delicious latte and do not overdo consumption.