What is avocado oil good for, which in itself is extremely useful. The oil extracted from it is equally healthy and effective in various conditions. One of the most beneficial properties of avocado oil is that it has the ability to neutralize toxins and free radicals in the human body. The other benefits of this useful vegetable oil are no less important and necessary.

The most common benefits of avocado oil.

1. Reduces blood pressure – avocado oil manages to balance and normalize blood pressure. The monounsaturated fats in avocado oil affect the walls of blood vessels and the heart, relaxing the muscles, making them more elastic and healthy;

What is avocado oil good for
What is avocado oil good for

2. Aids digestion – avocado oil is rich in carotenoids that help speed up metabolism. In this way, energy is provided and excess fat is burned.

3. Provides detoxification – avocado oil contains a large amount of chlorophyll (which is why it has a deep green color) and is rich in magnesium. Magnesium cleans the metals that accumulate in our liver and kidneys.

4. Cleanses the skin – avocado oil does an excellent job of fighting oily – and acne-prone skin. The nutrients contained in it also help in the quick healing of wounds and scrapes by applying a compress on the affected area.

5. Improves the condition of the gums – avocado oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help with bleeding gums, bad breath and prevent canker sores.

6. Accelerates hair growth – avocado oil is an elixir when applying cosmetic procedures. It has a beneficial effect, nourishes the hair, accelerates growth and reduces hair loss. It also retains moisture in the hair and thus hydrates, supplying all the useful substances that our mane needs.

As a result, it becomes radiant, healthy and soft. It is only necessary to make a hair mask 2-3 times a week, and after that it must be rinsed thoroughly. These are only some of the beneficial properties of avocado oil, but in conclusion, we can say that avocado and its oil are a magical natural medicine that we must learn to use.

avocado oil is good for woman
avocado oil is good for woman

The oil content of avocados is second only to olives, and sometimes even higher. Clinical studies show that avocado oil can lower blood cholesterol. Avocado seeds and leaf extracts are used for various medicinal purposes, including the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, and as an antibiotic.

What are the harms of avocado oil

People who have diabetes should not abuse avocados because of the carbohydrate content – about 9 g per 100 g. This also applies in the case of diagnosed gout, as each 100 g contains about 10% of the daily protein intake. An excess of them can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.