What are the healthiest foods for men and why should we include them in our menu? Perhaps all men know that the quality of food depends on their quality of life. However, due to various reasons, they do not pay attention to the advice of nutritionists.

What are the healthiest foods
What are the healthiest foods for men

Physiological characteristics of the body of both sexes differ greatly, so that men and women need individual approach to the choice of diet. It is worth mentioning that the researchers conducted more than a dozen research on male power. As a result, they were able to establish that the competent approach to the selection of products allows men after 30 years to maintain good health, good humor and strength, and also to prevent some diseases to which they most often exposed.

Among these diseases are: prostate cancer, hypertension, heart attacks, and diseases of the cardiovascular system. In recent years, many members of the stronger sex choose for themselves vegetarian diet excluding animal products. Of course, it has its advantages.

However, in this case, nutritionists recommend that they carefully consider their diet and do not forget to provide your body all the essential nutrients necessary for normal life. Special attention should be paid to:
Proteins – the lack of meat to be compensated with consumption of cereals, eggs, nuts, dairy products, cereals;
Calcium – determinant of bone health. It is found in dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, as well as dairy products – cheese, milk;

short list for healthiest foods
short list that can be completed by you and the course of your wives and friends.

Iron – is reflected in the level of hemoglobin and therefore resistance to viruses and bacteria. Eat lots of green zelenchutsi- spinach, nettles;
Vitamin B12 – This vitamin is responsible for the welfare and our good health. Located in eggs, cheese and hard grains;
Fiber – are necessary for proper digestion. Contained in vegetables and fruits.
Top foods for men:
Linseed – decreases naturally cholesterol levels in the blood;
Cereals – daily consumption of cereals will reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and depression, as well as the normalization of blood pressure;
Red meat – an excellent source of protein and vitamin E and carotenoids;
Green tea – it saturates the body with antioxidants to effectively cope with stress.