Vitamins and minerals in blackcurrant
successfully help fight many diseases and prevention of human body to enhance his immunity ideal antioxidant

Vitamins and minerals in blackcurrant known in Europe as black currants. Blackcurrant collect as many vitamins in one place. Cassis is one of the plants whose benefits have yet to speak. But what we know so far, is not a little. Blackcurrant is a European plant, but is not known to antiquity. The first information about it from sources of medieval Western Europe. Since then it legitimately enter into gardens, but not consumed, and used as an herb.

He is alone in the family (family Ribes enter only simple currant – redcurrant, and black currant – blackcurrant) and although a little misleading appearance – no relation with blueberries or aronia. Blackcurrant is pretentious to the soil and hard to catch. It blooms with green flowers in May and the summer until September, depending on climatic conditions and altitude may bear fruit – small balls collected on balls . Useful properties of black currant. Nature keeps its greatest treasures in its smallest packages. This may confirm it and black cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, aronia, Mulberry, forest strawberries. In the case of blackcurrant, however, he surpasses them to one.

Only one vitamin, vitamin P inferior to Aronia. The most startling immediately makes an impression, “he has the rich content of vitamins (except vitamin P), combined in a single product.” Particularly strong is the presence of vitamin C – first place in the all time chart is held by hot peppers soon them is black currant. More interesting is not so much the content of vitamin C, as its combination with the said vitamin P (rutin more). When bound to vitamin C, it makes it 20 times more resistant, and thereafter – useful.

Blackcurrant as fruit
Blackcurrant collect as many vitamins in one place

Blackcurrant is one of the fruits, in which the heat treatment does not affect the vitamin C, which is rather unstable. But his whims are justified – Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant. Next in importance in the list of nutrients with blackcurrant anthocyanins are inherent in all red, dark red and blue fruits and vegetables. This type of flavonoids are again similar to vitamin P – natural antioxidants that fight off free radicals updated cell body are important to the circulatory system and capillary walls. This makes them ideal for the prevention of atherosclerosis and prevention of heart attack and stroke, like blueberries. In blackcurrant there are many many trace elements.

Potassium small fruits twice greater strength than in the bananas. More magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, iodine. Omega-6 fatty acid provided by the Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA / GLA), so rare in live fruit and vegetables. It is important for the nervous system, overall health – from beautiful hair and nails until reproductive and mental stability. Blackcurrant is all together, but much more: Fresh fruit syrups but also help strengthen the immune system.

Prevention of some of the most terrible diseases, the causes of which are difficult to isolate – cancer, diabetes, heart attack. Because potassium is prevention and heart disease, kidney failure and disease with swelling and fluid retention.

Iron make it the right choice for a natural remedy for anemia. The tea from the leaves is used to prevent flu in combination with honey – for a sore throat. It has a low glycemic value less sugars and great food for diabetics. Only a small handful of currants meet the needs of fresh vitamins and minerals. Currants are harvested when the fruits are tender and are still in the bush. If you have a few shrubs, respectively quantities may, within a week to pick currants every day less.

Then to flood the accumulated sugar and closing it in a jar in a dark, cool, and so every day. This becomes a material suitable for syrup, juice, jam and jelly. Compost is good to do immediately after harvest. It is perishable fruit and can not long be kept, but can be dried and added to tea, like Aaron. In any case, do not stew in plastic bags. In black currant syrup is best stored for winter, maybe fresh juices. Blackcurrant make more jam and dessert wine.