Vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency

How does vitamin D deficiency manifest itself in the body? Lack of any vitamin can adversely affect the health of the whole body. The same goes for vitamin D, the benefits of which are undeniable.

How is it understood that a person suffers from vitamin D deficiency

1. A person is often ill
Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and when there is a deficiency in the body, a person begins to suffer from various viruses without the ability to fight.
2. Increased fatigue
Lack of energy is also a result of lack of vitamin D. Therefore, even if after a good night’s sleep and good rest you do not gain strength, you need to pay attention to the problem.
3. Bone fragility
Just like calcium, vitamin D is responsible for strengthening bones, and vitamin D deficiency is responsible for bone damage. In this case, a person often has fractures and various injuries.
4. Poor regeneration
In addition to reduced immunity and the inability to fight certain diseases, the slow recovery of the body from certain injuries is added. But all these symptoms are more related to adults than children. Babies may also lack vitamin D, but how does a deficiency of this trace element manifest itself in them? To find out if your child is really deficient in vitamin D, you can look at the following symptoms:
– increased sweating;
– slowing the growth of the molars;
– problems with sleep and growth;
– tearfulness and resentment

How to find out which foods rich in vitamin D.
If you ignore the child’s health problems, you may soon begin processes of deformation of the bones of the skull and the entire skeleton, disrupting posture.

How does vitamin D deficiency
How does vitamin D deficiency manifest itself in the body?

How can you prevent all these health problems

To replenish the amount of vitamin D in the body, you should include in your diet foods such as eggs (raw or cooked), fatty fish, liver, seafood and dairy products – fresh and yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, cheese, cheese. However, it is not enough to start eating the right foods, it is important to learn how to cook them so that vitamin D is preserved in them.
It is important to know that vitamin E is also important for the growth of the human body and its health.

You do not need to defrost meat quickly and eat cooked dishes too often. You can compensate for the deficiency of vitamin D in the body with the help of special vitamin complexes. It is best to be prescribed by a specialist, because otherwise unpleasant side effects can occur.