useful autumn foods soy flour
useful autumn foods soy flour

Very useful autumn foods that will give you energy for this wonderful season of the year. Superfeed foods that will get you sick if you eat them often. However much we like to eat some products, they can also bring us a lot of health concerns if we use them often and in large quantities. Experts advise not to overdo certain foods.

Very useful autumn foods Spinach

Spinach has been proven that spinach forms kidney stones. Due to the high content of oxalate – a type of compound, it can lead to the formation of the condition.

Very useful autumn foods Oranges

Eating oranges can also hurt if the intake is in large quantities. Oranges contain acidity and it, in turn, leads to reflux. This is a common condition in which stomach contents are returned to the esophagus. When these cases increase, they can unlock a number of other complications, such as Barrett’s esophagus. This is a condition that favors the development of malignant tumors, disorder, and the like.

useful autumn foods eating orange
useful autumn foods eating orange

Very useful autumn foods Soya

Another food product such as soybeans is also harmful to excessive use. Increased intake may prevent the absorption of iron leading to iron deficiency anemia. Also, soy contains estrogen-like compounds and its prolonged consumption in large quantities may cause uterine cancer.

Very useful autumn foods Tuna fish

No matter how tasty and useful the tuna, containing the much-needed omega-3 fatty acids, it is also harmful if you eat in large quantities. Excessive intake may cause vision problems, impaired hearing and speech, lack of coordination and muscle weakness.

These autumn foods are superpowers


useful autumn foods tuna
Very useful autumn foods that will provide you with the energy you need for the season

When talking about superfoods, exotic names such as Gobi Berry, Spirulina, Akay Beri, Avocado, Kale, may appear right in your mind. But do not think that they are the only natural products that will improve your health.

Nutritionists recall that seasonal and local foods are of paramount importance to every person. And as the fall is coming soon, we suggest that you remember the most beneficial gifts this season. In our gallery you will see autumn foods that are extremely delicious and useful.

Bite them more to enjoy good immunity, energy, beautiful skin and hair. Never forget that what a useful menu can give you can not be compensated by food supplements.