Vegetable proteins
Vegetable proteins are useful food for your body, quickly absorbed and does not harm the balance of substances

Vegetable proteins are a better option for the supply of the human body in comparison to animal proteins. We all know that proteins are the main building blocks of our body. Therefore, we must supply a sufficient amount of their diet and it daily.

This is because our body can not store amino acids stocks. A logical question arises: What is enough? According to recent studies, for every kilogram of body weight we need to take about 1 g. Protein, or in other words, if you weigh 55 kg. you need 55 g. of pure protein day.

Then the question arises: Which foods we most fully to supply them? For the most protein-rich foods are considered meat, fish and dairy products. Accordingly plant products is a common perception that contain negligible amount of proteins. Is it really so and which in fact are the richest in amino acids foods? You might be surprised, but the league lead in this ranking rye sprouts (42% protein). They are followed by all the other sprouts – soy (36%), wheat (28%), etc.

For comparison, the richest protein meat, beef contains 22% proteins. Beaten and many other plant foods – beans, lentils, peanuts, pistachio, apricot nuts, tahini. Therefore, if you do not want every day to eat meat and dairy products, just replace the steak with any of the above foods.

Vegetable proteins sprouts
Vegetable proteins are a better option for the supply of the human body in comparison to animal proteins

Moreover, the excessive consumption of meat, more usually from 4-5 times a week, leads to serious health problems. Waste substances from the decomposition of animal products in the body affect internal organs, especially the kidneys, liver and damage the joints.

Meat contains many toxins that accumulate in the body and are a prerequisite for the development of cancer. This does not mean that you should not eat meat. Rather, my point is that any extreme is bad – as eating animal products three times a day, and the complete abandonment of them. But back again sprout.

They have great food, not only because of its high protein content, but also because of the strong biological energy synthesized in seeds sprouting. Then performed a miracle – enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants increased almost tenfold, and proteins, fats and carbohydrates are broken down according to amino acids, fatty acids and sugars.

So our body can fully digested proteins from various germs, unlike those in dry beans. Another fallacy is that no plant food that contains all 8 essential amino acids, ie those that our body can not synthesize alone. All one can be obtained from beans, quinoa, some cereal and nuts. So do not underestimate plant products. With its rich content of vitamins, minerals, proteins and balancing agents, they are completely wholesome food.