Vegetable protein sources
short list of vegetable protein sources useful for human food energy or lack of food, concentrated wheat protein

Vegetable protein sources in vegan diet leads to deficiency of proteins – especially in children and pregnant women. However, this is contrary to numerous studies that show perfect or slightly high presence of proteins in vegans, while people who eat everything or vegetarians there is a clear shortage. Proteins contained in many plant foods in a large amount; quantitative shortages have been possible in insufficient supply of food energy or extremely monotonous diet (without legumes, cereals and nuts).

Both cases, however, totally unusual for vegan diets. Legumes have 26% of its energy content even more protein from meat. Even richer in protein are soy beans and tofu with 40 respectively 43 percent. It is also bad, and the claim that the different vegetable protein sources have to be combined with each other in order to reach the necessary proteins. It does not have all the essential amino acids in the proper ratio to be taken with a meal. Any food really has a limited amino acid, most foods contain all the amino acids in sufficient quantities.

Furthermore, not only the composition of the proteins is important, the accompanying substances also have an important role. Today is sick due to excessive cholesterol, salt and saturated fats (accompanying substances of animal protein) and lack of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber (accompanying substances of plant proteins). Thus diseases of the heart and circulatory system are closely linked with increased consumption of sausage and rich in fat meat.

vegan diet and proteins
Vegetable protein sources in vegan diet leads to deficiency of proteins – especially in children and pregnant women

In addition, the International Organization for Research on Cancer (World Cancer Research Fund) indicates the meat as “convincing” respectively “probable” cause of some cancers. On the contrary, lack of proteins in sufficient energy intake does not occur in industrialized countries.

Concentrates of protein, necessary or unnecessary. Many bodybuilders take protein supplements because they believe that otherwise due to lack of protein can not make muscle. Even some beginner vegans are afraid that they accept too little protein, and buy supplements of soy, rice or peas. The muscular vegan food is varied and full – so the required amount is reached and no additives. Concentrates of protein used long can even damage the body: They contain many harmful substances that heavily burden the kidneys and can lead to disability.

To the best sources of vegetable proteins belong legumes in the form of beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas. Outstanding role have and soybeans, which produce many interesting products: tofu, tempeh (a product similar to tofu fermented soy beans), soya granules (as an alternative to minced meat), soy milk and yogurt. Lupine (yellow beans) also contains high-quality legume proteins. Another protein-rich food sow.

Of wheat protein concentrates are manufactured various meat substitutes. Many proteins exist in nuts (especially peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds) and seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds). Moreover, similar types of wheat contain a significant amount of protein. Especially prized are quinoa and amaranth.