This vegan pie with blackberries is made without sugar, with the option to be gluten-free. My interest in making such desserts is from the very beginning, when I started professionally confectionery more than 10 years ago, but for two or three years now, they attract me more than ever, and in the last one I tried a variety of recipes. There are several reasons for this. First of all, these desserts are not extremely sweet, which allows you to feel more the taste of the main  products.

Vegan pie with blackberries
Vegan pie with blackberries

My observations show that more and more people prefer moderately sweet desserts, whether they contain sugar and are prepared by classic technology or have alternative sweeteners and are prepared for special dietary needs.

As for my “sweet tooth” with which I started the blog, I can say that over time it has become less sweet and I am increasingly enjoying trying light to moderately sweet desserts at the expense of the taste of everything the rest of which they are made of.

Another and not insignificant reason is that due to the specific products in some of them, which years ago were not easily or at all on our market, they are now available in more places and are more affordable, and there is even a choice of different brands.

I like to discover new products with which to try new desserts for me and while I do it for variety and out of curiosity, for your reassurance I will say that this vegan pie with blackberries is one of the easiest and simplest in this category of desserts, and that its ingredients can be obtained from well-stocked supermarkets, drugstores or online without difficulty.

Some of you will say that such desserts are also healthy, but I refrain from such a conclusion, because for me everything is healthy that is prepared with good products and tastes good, is taken in moderation and brings me joy, whether in it has butter, cream and sugar or is based on nuts, dates and chia, for example. With the many tried and tested recipes I have identified some favorites that are always delicious and I can use in combination with other ideas.

How delicious is vegan blackberry pie

One favorite part of this vegan food is its base. Very fragrant, with crispy edges and a slightly chewy center, the base of the pie is easy to prepare and can even be turned into biscuits or sweets, into a crunchy sprinkle on fruit, ice cream or cake, or whatever comes to mind once it has tried. The fruit filling in this vegan is based on nut milk, and I prefer to use almond or a combination of almond and rice, and I avoid coconut because of its strong taste.

Vegan tart with blackberries

These vegetable milks could be replaced with any other you like, and in order to keep the recipe sugar-free, you need to pay attention to the product label to see if it contains one. If this is not necessary, use the vegetable milk you like, without changing anything in the recipe.

The nut milk is thickened with agar-agar, which must boil for some time to activate its gelling properties, and then the fruit puree is added, which in this case I chose to be from blackberries.

For sweetening I use agave syrup, but it can also be replaced with another such as maple syrup or honey. In this case, I prefer the neutral sweetness of agave, because everything else will give its specific taste further, while I would like to feel mostly that of blackberries. And it is really fresh, enhanced with a little sweetness, enough to better develop the taste of berries.

The foods are suitable for vegans is finished with a glaze, also prepared with blackberry puree, which is thickened with cornstarch. Gives different contrast in texture and darker color. The decoration of the pie is desirable, but we can not imagine something so delicious and fresh without depicting it. Fresh blackberries and other berries such as blueberries and blackcurrants; dried herbs and fresh edible flowers crown this pie with the beauty of late summer.