Useful salad with vegetables and fruits that you can eat at any time of the day. “Every salad should be delicious and useful is an extra bonus”.

Necessary Ingredients of salad with vegetables and fruits

• lettuce – 1 piece

salad with vegetables and fruits
Every salad should be delicious and useful is an extra bonus”

Carrots – 4 pieces, small
• sesame – 3 tablespoons crude
• cabbage – 2 handfuls, grated
• lemons – 1/2
• apples – 1 sour
• olive oil – 3 tablespoons
• Fat – 3 tablespoons linseed oil
• Fat – 3 tablespoons plant
• Parsley – 1/2 connection
• Radishes – 1/2 connection
salt to taste

How to prepare salad with vegetables and fruits

Clean all products well. Grate the carrots and apple into thin strips using a grater. Grate the lemon peel and cut the radish into thin strips.

Mix all products with the lemon juice first season the grated carrots and apples and then add the chopped interior of lettuce, cabbage, radish, parsley and sesame.

Mix all products well and season with fat and salt. When served, pour the salad on a lettuce sofa.

Useful multicolored salad

Useful multicolored salad
multicolored salad for vegetarians needed products and calories

Ingredients Necessary
cabbage – 100 g fresh
carrots – 1 pc.
white radish – 1 pc.
beet – 1 pc. raw
radish – 1 connection
sea ​​salt – 2 – 3 crystals
lemon juice – half lemon juice
olive oil

Method of preparation

Cut the cabbage into a recipe and place it in the pot where you will serve the salad. Clean and grate the carrot on it, then clean and grate the white radish, cut the half-molasses radishes because they are brittle and you do not need to plan them. Finally, plan the beet, cut the parsley. For flavoring, it is necessary to squeeze half a lemon juice, dissolve the salt crystals in it and add olive oil to taste. With this your colorful and very useful salad is ready.

Enjoy your meal.