Useful properties of pomelo
Useful properties of pomelo citrus fruit popular

Useful properties of pomelo citrus fruit popular. Home of this giant among Citrus is China and evidence of its existence has 4000 years ago. Ancient and modern Chinese and donate it to each other on New Year’s as a symbol of prosperity and good luck in the new year. Today pomelo plantations, except in China, has in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Taiwan and Japan. His popularity is growing every day, even at home. In Asia prefer more sour and There, the pomelo is close to our idea of ​​a grapefruit in Europe and the US is sweeter, so it is also called “copper grapefruit.”

Pomelo (citrus grandis) is a tree that bears large fruit with very thick skin and internal membranes. Immature fruits are green and ripe – with a pale lemon color. The size can reach 15-20 cm in diameter, and the fruit itself to weigh up to 8 kg. Swept inside. The bitterness of the fruit as grown in Asia, is removed by genetic selection and he is sweet, juicy, large cages filled with juice. His skin can not eat and removed is not as juicy grapefruit to paddle with a spoon so that each segment must be clean and eat separately this way. Swept each citrus is rich in vitamin C, A and antioxidants.

Its content is 90% water and juices pomelos are much preferred because of the quantity and sweetness. It contains trace elements – potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron. It has the effect of degradable protein. Bioflavonoids are swept in a natural immune stimulator and is currently doing research for his influence over excess estrogen and if it actually removes affect patients with breast cancer.

It is useful for the prevention of arteriosclerosis and hypertension. It aids digestion, kidney function, the release of toxins. Reduced-fat and is ideal for dieting and purging regimens.

pomelo fruits contain many vitamins and trace elements, helps digestion
Useful properties of pomelo against influenza and viral diseases

West already replaced the cult of grapefruit juice on an empty stomach juice of pomelo. The essential oil of pomelos is effective in fighting the virus and colds, especially in winter. Pomelo stimulates the production of white blood cells and also strengthens the immune system. In cooking it participates in fruit salads, but also as a garnish in dishes with seafood and fish – typical combinations of Thai and Indonesian cuisine.

This exotic yet for us fruit is very widely distributed in the eastern culture. In China organized nadyazhdane with pomelo (compare with the US nadyazhdane with hot dogs and sausages), part of the festive mythology. But the Thais, “most smiling people of the world” claim that if they consumed fruit less than three years, you will become a better person – caring, generous and loving. I think a good reason to love not just swept.