Useful properties of pear can be a great start to the day, significantly more useful and effective than even morning coffee. It can charge us with vitality and good humor throughout the day, thanks to the essential oils in it to fight stress and nervous.

 pear for good health
Useful properties of pear fruit as in cosmetics for a healthy body with many vitamins disorders

It contains another important element – arbutin, which can prevent various diseases of the kidneys and bladder. The fruit is useful in urinary tract infections as it has antimicrobial action. It helps in healing of wounds of the intestinal mucosa and positive impact on the gallbladder. Nearest relative of sweet apple and especially its large-fruited varieties contain a variety of nutrients.

Without a champion vitamins in the composition of pear includes vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, K. Its content of folic acid is much greater than that of apples and plums in a large pear (ca. . 180 g), it reaches up to 12 mcg. While backing of apples with vitamin C and E, pear superior to their relatives so prevalent content of chlorogenic acids.

They act as an antioxidant and have blood action. As regards mineral salts in the pear, it contains 30% more potassium (211 mg per 180 g) than in apple. Potassium is needed for our body maintain normal cardiac activity, and to regulate the functions of nerves and muscles. The presence of potassium in the fruit has a beneficial effect on heart rate and also acting diuretic.

woman eating pear
Pear compote is probably one of the finest tools

The other minerals in the pear tree (these values ​​are for approx. 180 g. Of pear) have: iron – up to 0.3 mg manganese – up to 0.9 mg calcium – 16 mg, phosphorus – 19 mg, magnesium – 13 mg. The fruit is a great source of zinc – 0.18 mg. In folk medicine, the fruits of all varieties of pears in fresh or dried form, are used for intestinal disorders because of the significant content of tannins in them.

Furthermore pear serves as a means of mushroom poisoning, and its seeds have anthelmintic properties. In naturopathy pear is used in kidney stone disease and in the treatment of prostatitis. Pear compote is probably one of the finest tools in the fight against the “disease of the 50” men.

The fruits of pear are known and in that the boost operation of the endocrine glands and the digestive tract. Pear is a useful ingredient for lovers of home cosmetics. It can make a mask for individuals. This is done by pulp is applied to the face for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Pear juice dries the skin, making it smooth and elastic, successfully harvested pores.