Useful properties of nettle
Useful properties of nettle and the role of this plant for a healthy body a lot of vitamins and minerals contained iron suitable for your healthy diet

Useful properties of nettle and regular consumption enhances immunity and hemoglobin in the blood. We hear “nettle” all we remember the shock effect of touching way her soft, fuzzy leaves. Or shirts Eliza from “Wild Swans” Andersen. Both have an indisputable truth. To pick nettle is not as easy and enjoyable as to bend and tearing parsley.

And nettles to mankind since time immemorial very strong thread for weaving – along with hemp and flax. But beyond these obvious truths nettle hiding very well preserved secret. After all, in nature most valuable kept most strictly, the wealth of nettles keep histamine and formic acid contained in tiny tanks in the stem and leaves.

In touch open burning liquid is poured and kept out gluttons. For many insects and small animals, doses can be deadly. Nettle was first tested means of beauty – especially for hair loss, but not only. Some know her as well as herbs – seeds, roots, leaves – they have a lot of goals.

Nettle is a powerful anti-inflammatory and tea helps with arthritis and any more lengthy infections. It has a diuretic effect, sparing the body and in his continued acceptance applies to problems with the urinary system. In disturbing fluid retention it is especially recommended. For example, in the last months of pregnancy.

Many people feel the relief of hay fever and it is one of the herbs that help in this torture. With the infusion of nettle leaves Pour over hair in hair loss. It has been shown that regular use thickens hair and adds shine. On the other hand – are sprinkled grandmothers attacked by aphids plants with water in which 24 hours is soak nettle – the poison of formic acid is imperative pests.

One of her other household applications is its specific nutritional properties for germination of seeds, often dried nettle is added to the soil to germinate seeds or fresh Nasya pour tincture of nettles. It is especially valuable for making homemade compost (manure from rotting organic waste).

Many people take soil for garden seedlings notably from areas where nettle grows. Nettle however most valuable precisely as food. With iron she chases top of the charts. The structure of the iron grid is very close to the natural lattice of hemoglobin, so nettle is ideal antianemic.

Useful properties of nettle herb
Useful properties of nettle and regular consumption enhances immunity and hemoglobin in the blood.

A condition typical of spring, young children, pregnant women and people engaged in active labor.

Green plant as it has many chlorophyll, folic acid, magnesium and potassium. Great purified because of its diuretic effect and people who use herbs often say that tea table dry nettles in early spring is the best detox after winter. Nettle is very rich in proteins of vegetable origin it can compete with sprouts and a cardinal – eggs and meat, but is far more easily digestible than them, so winning this competition.

One of the biggest weapons of nettles is the high content of vitamin C in it. Nettle is harvested in early May, when its stem is not very thick, and the leaves are fresh and thin. When picked, leaving a bit of shade wither, then they sting so much. Nettle can soften carefully, still wearing gloves, to wash, to crush with hands or rolling pin and narezhem.

From there – directly at the table, frozen or sushim for herb. Nettle unless consumed as tea, is very useful soup or porridge. She did not lose a lot of qualities in cooking. The mess of young nettle with walnuts and eggs is a favorite dish among older, but not only. And new trends in nutrition confirm it – it is useful, but necessary food, natural choice.

The human body is fully adapted to them in any way – with the enzymes needed for digestion with acid – base balance, which regulate. This may affect even dental health. And instead of expensive exotic supplements to strengthen and overall tone in the spring as spirulina, goji, etc. – To us, to our feet literally are nettles, sorrel, spinach. Very affordable and very healthy.