raw grated ginger
Useful properties of ginger, method of preparation and storage prophylaxis against many diseases

Useful properties of ginger have been known to humans since ancient times. Today, this spice has no equal in its multilateral application – it is widely used in cooking, useful and healing properties are well known in medicine are increasingly used in cosmetology and Ginger tea is very popular among those who want to lose weight. Useful properties of ginger and culinary.

The special flavor and delicate aroma of ginger is due to the high content of essential oils and other ingredients that give this spice really unique taste. In ancient Greece it was used as a spice in the preparation of bread, and in medieval Europe its application stances even wider – with Ginger flavored dishes of meat and vegetables, add it to pasta and sweets flavored are wine beer and other beverages.

To increase its curative properties they blended with other spices such as nutmeg and cardamom. Very good ginger combined with honey and lemon. He entered in the list of natural aphrodisiacs. And in Japan, its beneficial cleansing properties are traditionally used in the consumption of fresh seafood – it neutralises the parasites and activates digestion.

The basic amount of useful substances in ginger root are under the bark. For, when cleaning it, should not it white and to scrape very carefully. For cutting and scraping is not recommended to use wooden utensils, as they will keep longer flavor of the spice. When scraping ginger root is best to use a fine grater. Ginger is used in very large quantities – 1 g to 1 kg of meat or dough.

In the sauce it is added at the end of their preparation; In the test – during or at the end of kneading; in stewed meats – 20 minutes before the dish to remove from the heat; in compotes, jams and other sweets – 2-5 minutes before they are ready. Useful properties of ginger and health. Thanks to its beneficial medicinal properties, ginger is actively used as a medicine. One of the most important advantageous properties is its ability to increase blood flow to the brain, which in turn, stimulates and enhances brain activity.

Useful properties of ginger
One of the most important beneficial properties of ginger is its ability to increase blood flow to the brain

This is recommended in the diet of people engaged in mental work, to include ginger. The spicy scent of ginger is a wonderful tonic that invigorates and improves self-esteem. Ginger is known for its ability to positively affects the immune system and helps the body get rid of toxins. Therefore, it is often used as a prophylactic against colds, even in children as it is not contraindicated for them.

If you start sneezing and coughing, take a small piece of ginger root and chew slowly. If your throat hurts, squeeze a little juice from the ginger root (2 tablespoons) and add to it a pinch of salt – take this medicine before eating. The antibacterial properties of ginger are also useful for the removal of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, such as stomatitis. Ginger is considered as an effective tool for the prevention of gastric ulcers as a positive effect on the stomach lining and prevents intestinal parasites.

Substances contained in ginger, promote normalization of blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots and even have anti-cancer properties. Ginger is saturated with the essential amino acids that play an important role in metabolism. This permits its use for the normalization of lipid metabolism and, in particular, for improving the absorption of animal fats.

For this purpose, it just needs to add a little dried or pickled ginger to fatty meat and fish dishes. It should be noted and such a useful ability of ginger as eliminating pain. Grate fresh or make a poultice of dried ginger and water, then superimpose on the problem area – the pain will soon disappear. The effectiveness of ginger in many respects depends on its implementation.

For example, the dried ginger has greater anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and therefore it is actively used for treatment of arthritis and inflammatory conditions. The chemical composition of fresh ginger root is slightly different and its beneficial properties are focused more on the treatment and prevention of digestive problems.