Useful properties of coffee,
Useful properties of coffee, a daily dose for an adult aroma of coffee and invigorating effect on the brain, reduces the risk of dental caries

Useful properties of coffee  that rapidly rising blood pressure, but cardiovascular accustomed very quickly. The relationship of coffee and blood pressure. Indeed, in many observations proves the correlation between increased coffee consumption and high blood pressure, but it remains questionable whether we are talking about a cause or consequence. Doctors Baltimore studied blood pressure and coffee consumption in over 1,000 former students miditsina in prdalzhenie average of 33 years.

Scientific explanation of the interaction coffee blood pressure. The results showed that the effects of coffee on blood pressure was surprisingly little. Thus, the average blood pressure in participants who never drank coffee was 121.3 / 75.4 mm Hg., While those who drank more than five cups of coffee per day was 122.2 / 76.7 mm Hg. Coffe drink blood bressureNaistina been a tendency those participants who regularly drank coffee, often suffer from high blood pressure after age 60.

But these data were not scientifically podkrepeni.Rolyata coffee as a risk factor in the onset of high blood pressure, according to these studies greatly overestimated. Even if it causes a short spike in blood pressure, it hardly contributes to the overall picture of chronic high blood pressure. Glory of coffee in the world is great.

This is the most consumed beverage after tea of ​​course. Although there are people who deny its beneficial qualities, its usefulness is undeniable positive. Here are ten reasons that we were able to find it for you and make you say a big “Yes” to this snack morning. The fact is that a few cups of coffee a day improves mood and positively affect our health in general. Dopamine is the culprit for this, although it does help to our addiction to coffee.

After almost 30 years of research, I finally can say that people who do not consume coffee are at greater risk of Parkinson’s disease. Another advantage of the coffee content of antioxidants, and it is in quite large amounts. The risk of diabetes 2 is much less likely to do it if you drink chestichko kafentse.

Note, however, that if you have diabetes already open, then controlling your blood sugar is much more difficult. Coffee very well act of active athletes because it relaxes their muscles after exercise reduces pain and minor injuries. For many years it was thought that coffee damages the heart. In socialism even be said that Ness coffee mutilation. This is not true and now even doctors themselves recommend 1-2 cups of coffee a day as a prevention against heart problems.

coffee for health and longevity
Useful properties of coffee that rapidly rising blood pressure, but cardiovascular accustomed very quickly

Coffee stimulates thought processes and, in particular, short-term memory and helps us to remember more easily. Recently even declared that coffee has a positive impact and stopping the formation of cavities. This is true as long as you drink it pure sugar and sweeteners. It kills bacteria that are in the oral cavity.

And the most important reason to drink coffee to me and I hope for you is the occasion to meet friends and to chat sweetly. The aroma of coffee treat sleep deprivation and stress. A recent study by scientists from Germany, South Korea and Japan and published in Food Chemistry and Journal of Agricultural proven that coffee has another important advantage. Coffee against dental caries. The aroma of coffee helps easier to cope with stress when we are sleepy. It affects the brain when a person inhales its fragrance.

The very smell of toasted grains leads to production of more proteins in the brain and hence is attacked and the operation of the genes. Itself beverage and flavor and has already proven that acting antioxidant. Coffee is quite commented drink and there are proponents who believe that it positively affects the heart and blood pressure, but led to addiction.

For the first time, however, it declared that the mere scent acts as an antidepressant. Few also know that coffee helps teeth by preventing the formation of caries. Streptococci in the mouth and saliva us who are agents of erosion of the teeth is destroyed by Antibacteri contained in coffee. Whether the coffee is caffeinated which fight or decaf does not matter because the results are exactly the same. Edinstvannata difference is the efficiency indicator. Of course daily dose of coffee, you need to drink is by how we ourselves feel, but it is proven that it affects our cardiovascular system.