Useful properties of coconut water
Useful properties of coconut water an excellent source of electrolytes

Useful properties of coconut water an excellent source of electrolytes. Imagine – coconut tree drink groundwater by filtering water through their entire trunk and branches until January perfectly sealed and stored inside the coconut. It is therefore a great energizing and rejuvenating drink after exercise or exercise. It is proved that it has the same level as that of the electrolytes of blood. During World War II doctors used by young coconut water as substitute for blood plasma as a sterile (you have it on the coconut fruit), it is easily absorbed by the body and does not destroy red blood cells.

Coconut water is the exclusive natural product biologically pure, full of natural sugar, salts and vitamins and natural energy drink. It is rich in potassium and minerals, much more than sports and energy drinks. Moreover, there is much less sodium than them (especially important for hypertensive patients), low natural sugar (while other energy drinks have high a content of artificial sweeteners, not to mention how toxic).

And another very important thing – coconut water is much better than dry baby milk – it contains lauric acid, which is present in breast milk. Part of a healthy life is the optimal physical activity. People spend a lot of energy require efficient sources to obtain her. Here’s what can be useful to us coconut water here.

Coconut water is the exclusive natural product biologically pure
Useful properties of coconut water, natural way to hydration, reducing sodium and increasing potassium in your diet food

Coconut water is characterized by a low calorific value and a genuine lack of cholesterol and fats. However, it contains more potassium than bananas four and moisturizing qualities are some of its beneficial characteristics.

This water is preferred by athletes and helps in cases of hangover, cancer, and kidney stones. Yet really the coconut water is so magical properties? Naturally refreshing coconut water has a sweet, nut flavor. It contains easily digestible carbohydrates in the form of glucose and electrolytes. Unlike high-coconut milk and coconut oil, coconut water is the clear liquid from inside the young and green coconuts. It has fewer calories and sodium and more potassium than sports drinks. 30 g of this liquid contains 5.45 calories, 1.3 grams of sugar, 61 mg of potassium, 5.45 mg sodium.

Coconut water is better than some sugar drink. It contains much less sugar than some sports drinks, soda and some fruit juices. Choose simple and pure coconut water, without added sugar. Coconut water can be better in restoring lost fluids from sports drinks or clean water, of course, if you like its taste. According to research coconut water causes less nausea, bloating and stomach upsets. For the coconut water saturated with sodium is believed to assist the rehydration after sports and improves the absorption of liquids.

Neither coconut water or sports drinks contain enough sodium and carbohydrates for people who sweat active. In this case you need a quick source of energy, such as banana or a few raisins to obtain the nutrients to recharge the gaps. Recovery starts before starting the exercises. Eat food rich in energy before exercise, and during exercise drink plenty of fluids. If you do not eat enough fruits, vegetables or dairy products, you most likely are also people who suffer from lack of potassium.