Useful properties of algae or in other words, the path to longevity. Modern science believes that the first life appeared in the ocean. That is why seafood has amazing healing properties. In fact, we eat the most natural food. Doctors and biologists have proven that algae are champions in terms of active substances.

Since ancient times, Chinese healers have treated malignant tumors with algae. In India, this product has been used to treat diseases of the endocrine glands. In the Far North, algae were the favorite source of vitamins and minerals. It seems that much can be attributed to simple beliefs. But modern research confirms that this product resembles human blood in terms of qualitative and quantitative content of macro- and micronutrients. Isn’t this the best confirmation of the evolutionary connection with the sea?

What are algae used for

Useful properties of algae contain a huge amount of lipids rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. More chlorophyll, glucans, lignins, phenolic compounds, vitamins, enzymes and dietary fiber. You just won’t find a better source of iodine! Thanks to the amazing combination of elements. Algae are able to remove heavy metal ions from internal organs and even cure radiation sickness.

Algae have been shown to have much greater biological activity than terrestrial plants. It is not necessary to look far for examples – Eskimos, who are forced to eat algae food due to lack of vegetation in cold climates, are much less likely to develop cancer. Rheumatism, diabetes or cardiovascular disease are also rare in this nation.

Which algae are most useful

Scientists claim that this is due to the high content of polyunsaturated acids in their diet. Even algae contain a huge amount of immunomodulatory substances. Helps the body fight colds, fungal and viral diseases. A large amount of vitamins makes cell membranes more resistant to external influences. As improves the functioning of all organs and as a result slows down the aging process.

What algae contain

  • lipids
  • rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • chlorophyll and glucans
  • lignins
  • phenolic compounds
  • vitamins
  • enzymes
  • dietary fiber

Vitamins from groups A, D, C, K, PP, B are absolutely necessary for normal life. Algae will help make up for the lack of these vitamins. Thanks to folic and pantothenic acid, algae have unique cosmetic properties, strengthen the structure of nails and hair, improve skin color and elasticity. That is why pharmaceutical companies so often use algae as part of dietary supplements, vitamins and medical cosmetics.

The uniqueness of the composition of algae can be proven by a single fact – this product contains all the minerals, amino acids and vitamins necessary for humans.