Useful ingredients of popcorn
Well produced Useful ingredients of popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables

Well produced Useful ingredients of popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Popcorn when they are made from natural corn grown without added trans fats are healthy and nutritious. That sounds reassuring for all who love loaded with a bowl of fresh popcorn, sit in front of the TV.

New research shows that whole-grain crunchy treat contains more polyphenols – beneficial antioxidants – than some fruits and vegetables. The amount of polyphenols in the popcorn proved to 300 mg in a portion in comparison with the amount of 114 g in a portion of sweet corn and 160 mg in a portion of a mixture of different fruits.

This, according to the authors of the study, due to the fact that such useful antioxidants are diluted in large quantities of water, which consist most fruits and vegetables in a popcorn, containing only 4% of water, are more concentrated.

In the average diet fruits provide 255 mg of polyphenols per day and vegetables – at 218 mg. One serving of popcorn can provide 13% of the average daily intake of polyphenols per person, according to the results.

Why popcorn are useful

The level of polyphenols in the popcorn discovered by study are higher than expected. It is similar to levels in nuts but is 15 times higher than the volume in whole-grain tortilla chips.

ingredients of popcorn are only crispy snack
Microwave popcorn are not preferred

Researchers also found that shell corn kernels (the part that gets stuck between our teeth when we eat popcorn) contains the greatest concentration of beneficial antioxidants and fiber.

Warn us, however, that adding oil, salt or other flavors, full of calories, can make it useful to treat enemy health.

Microwave popcorn are not preferred

Of course, popcorn, cooked without fat have the least calories. Microwave popcorn are two times more calories – about 43% of them consist of fat. Eating popcorn however, should not be an excuse not to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. In popcorn missing vitamins and other nutrients that fresh fruit ….

All other “whole grain” products are processed and enriched with other ingredients. This applies even for breakfast cereals that say that are whole – that means only that more than 51% of the product is made from whole grains. One serving of popcorn satisfy 70% of daily recommended dose of whole grains. Most people consume less than half of that amount every day, and popcorn are easy and convenient way to fill the gap.