Useful ingredients of blueberries
Useful ingredients of blueberries have anti-inflammatory properties

Useful ingredients of blueberries for a healthy heart and helpful memory. Blueberries keep heart! They also protect against cancer and diabetes, the results of research.

Blueberries prevent the deposition of fat in the abdomen, lower cholesterol and blood sugar and thus prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, say scientists from the University of Michigan.

Scientists explain that the beneficial properties of blueberries are due to phytochemicals – natural antioxidants anthocyanins that color fruits and vegetables in red, purple and dark blue color.

Conducted their research shows that blueberries do reduce the fatty layer in the abdomen while lowering the content of the “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Moreover, they normalize the level of sugar in the blood and thus improve the absorption of insulin in converting sugar into energy. Several years ago, US scientists said they have enough serious data showing that anthocyanins may protect people from cancer because they significantly slow the growth of cancer cells and even in some cases, dying up to 20% of them.

“The pigment of antotsianinat contained in the black radish, and carrot, it is even more effective, by slowing the growth of cancer cells by 50-80%, and coloring substances derived from chokeberry, deplete 1/5 part of the cancer cells without affect healthy “,.

Blueberries prevent the deposition
Blueberries prevent the deposition of fat in the abdomen

The presence of antioxidants decreases oxidative stress and helps to maintain the function of the cells in the physiologic parameters.

This reduces the risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s disease, delays the processes associated with aging of the brain. Improves memory, coordination and balance processes in the nervous system.

Two percent blueberries in the diet can reduce cholesterol in the blood by 12%, increasing the concentration of high-density “good” cholesterol.

Contained in blueberries pterostilben has the properties of drugs from the group of fibrates (used on high cholesterol), reducing levels of low density “bad” cholesterol without having their side effects.