Useful ingredients of banana
Useful ingredients of banana, a magic fruit rich in carbohydrates needed for energy

Useful ingredients of banana, his homeland is considered Asia. This delicious fruit, in addition to its light and pleasant taste, has a number of beneficial properties for our health.

That is why we should try to provide our body with a delicious meal on a regular basis.

1. There has been a study in the United States proving that, thanks to the potassium they contain, bananas can significantly reduce the risk of impact. For this, we need 1 banana per day.

Another helper of potassium is magnesium. It, on the other hand, strengthens the heart and muscles. The level of both is not influenced by the stage of banana ripeness;

2. The bananas also contain vitamin B6, which stimulates the action of serotonin – the so-called a hormone of happiness.

It has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, improving our mood and helping us to overcome negative emotions. The more mature the fruit, the happier it will be for us;

Useful components of bananas

3. Banana is rich in simple carbohydrates that break down very quickly from our body. In this way, our body acquires much of our energy.

hormone of happiness serotonin
Banana contains many calcium vitamins and the hormone of happiness serotonin

That is why bananas are quite common in the menu of athletes, as well as people suffering from fatigue and loss of strength.

4. Banana has the magic property to regulate the work of the intestinal tract.

Three bananas a day plus three large glasses of mineral water to each of them regulate your digestion. It also helps neutralize acids.

5. Banana contains almost 0 grams of fat. Our body breaks them down more slowly, but in that time we are fortunate. As a result, our body produces less insulin and we lose weight faster.

If you are on a fasting diet, you can eat even 6 bananas a day. However, it is also important to drink three liters of mineral water. Otherwise, bananas can lead to constipation.