Useful herbs for healthy hair
short list of the most important herbs that are easily available in nature and may themselves to prepare them

Useful herbs for healthy hair without affecting the hair loss and dandruff.

Burdock quick hair growth

The roots of burdock is used to prevent thinning hair, for the treatment of dandruff and hair loss, reduce split ends, accelerating hair growth, nourish hair follicles and restore shine. Burdock root and nourish hair contain calcium, potassium, iron, proteins, phytosterols, mineral salts and the like.

Oren Burdock is a therapeutic agent for treatment of dry and brittle hair, which is often subjected to dyeing, straightening, styling with hair, backcombing or after the disheartening effect in late summer as a result of the sun and the sun.

Oil of burdock root or extract oil restores healthy structure of hair, strengthens the hair follicle, improve blood circulation in the scalp and makes the hair flexible and alive.

Rosemary to strengthen hair follicles

Rosemary oil is beneficial to dry and flaky scalp, which is dehydrated and irritated. Stimulates and strengthens hair roots and thus accelerates the growth of hair.

healthy hair
Useful herbs for healthy hair without affecting the hair loss and dandruff

The hair becomes alive, toned and radiant. Do you massage the scalp with rosemary oil to improve micro circulation and stimulates the absorption of nutrients.

Faithful ally in the fight against dandruff is rosemary.

Lavender volume and healthy hair

Lavender oil visibly improves the condition of hair, destroys dandruff accelerate hair growth, improves hair structure, strengthens roots and soothes the scalp.

Hydrates and retains moisture in the hair, so the hair becomes “playful” movement. Do not forget the gentle scent of lavender that will be in the air after us.

How it sounds all these herbs that strengthen hair and stimulate its growth are gathered in one place, in one product? You happy because I found that they are in the composition of herbal lotion for hair growth.

Apply regularly care for your hair, experiment and discover shampoo, hair mask, lotion and herbs that reflect your best. Be consistent and patient and will soon enjoy the lush, powerful and strong hair, which will attract eyes and flirt.