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The foods that contain the largest amounts of tryptophan and vitamin B6

Useful foods for sweet dreams and rest are guaranteed. Eat these foods to dream good dreams. There is a way to make good dreams and a relaxed and fruitful rest without waking up and spinning in bed, nightmare-borne.

We do not need to take advantage of the achievements of modern medicine. Yes, there are several types of foods that will provide us with good dreams and a healthy sleep.

Studies have shown that with the right nutrients we will achieve this goal without much effort. The data show that if we eat products rich in B6 vitamins and tryptophan, we will provide a deep, healthy sleep and good dreams that are worth remembering.

couscous tuna for sweet dreams
Eat foods rich in vitamin B6

Science is still not entirely convinced of what dreams come from. They are the result of many factors. However, various studies have clearly shown that if we eat certain foods, the body relaxes much better.

Thus, in an experiment by scientists at the University of York, England, 80 volunteers had to consume certain foods for two weeks. Each of them had to keep a log of dreams.

People were divided into two groups. One fed products rich in vitamin B6 and tryphen, and the other ate rapid snacks. After the end of the study, the researchers compared the diaries.

It turned out that people who eaten foods rich in vitamin B6 and tryptophan were sleeping much more relaxed, had pleasant dreams and even increased their working capacity and rescued from stress due to quality sleep.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B6

The foods that contain the largest amounts of tryptophan and vitamin B6 are veal, turkey, chicken, liver, salmon, tuna, turbot, shrimp, cheese, eggs, oats, wheat, rice, millet, buckwheat, chickpeas, beans, bananas, avocados, pumpkin seeds, soybeans.

These can include potatoes, carrots, spinach and peas.

turkey pumpkin for sweet dreams
Varied menu is a guarantee for a good night’s sleep and a quick recovery

The body processes the amino acid tryptophan, making it a serotonin.

This helps the body regulate sleep and mood, but also balances the appetite. In case of shortage of tryptophan, serotonin is not synthesized enough, no dreams are present, no impersonal, or in the morning one does not remember dreaming.

But the main role for good dreams is vitamin B6. It strengthens brain activity and activates brain centers for pleasure. Overdosing with food is difficult, but when taken as an add-on, care should be taken to keep daily doses.