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Useful components of linseed to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems in strengthening the immune system, helping your liver, skin cleansing, stimulating sluggish bowel and weight loss. Of linseed transcribed a number of health benefits. More: relief of menopausal symptoms and PMS, all the way to stop the growth of cancer cells and preventing some of the most common cancers – those of the colon, prostate and breast.

Useful components of linseed
Useful components of linseed to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems in strengthening the immune system

For how much and how linseed helps with the above conditions is still difficult to draw conclusions, but one thing is certain – hard at first appearance not so tempting brown seeds are one of the readily available natural resources. They are the seeds of the flax plant, which is well known and very common kind.

Therefore,   linseed is relatively cheap and everyone should find a way to include in your diet from time to time. Composition of linseed . Wealth of flaxseed is mainly due to the fact that in extremely small size, these seeds are concentrated number of important for the human body substances. The benefit to humans by the consumption of linseed attributed to several main components:


Lignans are phytoestrogens type to which flaxseed owes its antibacterial and antioxidant effects, but their content in linseed is tens of times higher than that in other foods. Fiber. We’ve all heard about the magical properties of the fibers to cleanse the intestines of toxins and mucilage. Again – twice as high amount of fiber in  linseed  helps us to achieve the required effect with a spoon or two a day.

Useful components of linseed
Useful components of flaxseed that help health in people with high levels of fiber, protein and amino acids

Moreover – the fibers of flax seeds help the development of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Proteins and amino acids. 20 is the percentage of protein in linseed  , which is a remarkable amount, especially for food of plant origin. A amino acids in linseed  are in their full, which makes it extremely valuable food, especially for people who do not consume meat and animal products. Omega-3.

Flaxseed is full of important essential fatty acids, especially omega-3, which have increasingly acute need in recent times. Or if we have to be more precise: How to store and consume linseed  ? As a rule, the fatty acids are not resistant to oxygen, so linseed   is “packed” into a hard shell (extremely rich in vitamins A, E, C). If you pass this way through the digestive tract, however, the seeds will remain unused because our body has the capacity to bold question shell.

So best flaxseed can be pre-ground and only in a dose that would consume now. You keep it crushed in a cool dark place, and thus can ensure suitability of a year. How to include linseed  in your diet? Flaxseed can successfully invest in any recipes for breads, cakes and casseroles, but note that many of its beneficial properties will be lost when cooked. So the better way for the adoption of linseed  is raw – sprinkled on salads, in addition to your favorite troubled or morning breakfast of milk and muesli for example.

Virgin flaxseed oil is also an option for those who do not mind its smell, but in this case will have to be missing out on a large amount of fiber, which otherwise you can get a spoon or two of brown seeds. Whether you have a specific health problem that you know may be affected by a healthy diet, never superfluous to enrich your diet with another simple, easily available and proven ingredients such as linseed  . Try and share our page in how linseed  is help for your health!