Types taste of food
Types taste of food that we trying

Types taste of food that we trying. People say, ‘You will not know the taste of food until you try. ” But even to try the taste of food can be different depending on the weather conditions and the condition of the man who tried.

If you ask teachings which substances defined taste, he will try to fix this by separating all components and determining the proportion of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pepper.

But the taste can not be defined in the way of analysis, even with the language can not. Even if that language takes five taste sensations, impressions of them are collected and interpreted by the mind.

The natural man can achieve proper nutrition due to the fact that his instinct is in normal operating condition. He is satisfied with simple food; it is nutritious, delicious and useful as a daily medicine.

Food and spiritual lives are interconnected. Modern people have lost their pure instinct and thus become unable to know, collect and enjoy family spring grasses. They look different taste sensations. Eating becomes disorderly, increasing the gap between the beloved and hated food and instinct more disturbing.

Then people began to use strong spices to food and invent sophisticated ways of preparing and putting more and more confrontation between food and spiritual life. Most people today do not know the taste of the rice.

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Whole grains are cleansed and treated, leaving only tasteless starch. Polished rice lost its unique aroma and flavor of the original rice. Accordingly appeared need spices or sauces and combined with other dishes.

People mistakenly believe that the low nutritional value of such rice does not matter as vitamin supplements and other food – meat or fish – complement the shortage of nutrients. Tasty food is delicious not by itself.

The food will be tasteless, until one thought it was tasteless. While most people assume that the beef and hen meat are delightful for those in physical or spiritual reasons, they have decided not to eat this food, it’s disgusting. Playing or doing nothing, the children are happy.

Adults with differing consciousness alone determine what they need to keep them happy and if children receive appropriate, according to their mothers and their fathers, parents feel satisfied.

Food having good taste they need not because it has a subtle natural flavor and that is good for the body, but because the taste is driven by the idea that this food is delicious.