Tricks to avoid overeating
Tricks to avoid overeating during the holidays

Tricks to avoid overeating during the holidays, which is necessarily linked to the preparation of the festive table. In fact, ladies and some gentlemen vain worry about her figure achieved with such toil, sweat in the gym and deprivation during the year.

It’s really hard not to succumb to temptation and not to eat the delicious baklava with delight, fast or traditional stuffed cabbage stuffed turkey for Christmas. But there are a few psychological tricks to help you can restrict eating without you having to harass much with hunger and deprivation.

Check out our gallery above and say goodbye to swollen stomach and a feeling of fullness after a heavy meal. To those listed above psychological tricks will add a few more tips that will make overeating during the holidays a bit impractical.

Consume food red containers
Psychological tricks to avoid overeating during the holidays

You can reduce appetite and feed intake if consumed by narrow and tall glasses, and if you chew slowly and continuously each bite. It pays to think and to put a mirror in your kitchen. So every time I went to the refrigerator, you must see your figure with all its imperfections in the mirror.

Use smaller plates

We know that dozens of times have you heard this advice, but the reason for this is that it works. When using smaller plates, the food in them seem more and so avoid serving too large portions, and hence overeating;

Eat a weaker hand

If you’re right-handed, eat with your left hand if you are left-handed – try to eat a right hand. It sounds difficult, but not impossible. It just takes more time and this time it takes for your stomach to realize that is already full and send that information to your brain;

Consume food red containers

Psychologists advised to eat foods from red plates and bowls. The red color makes food look less attractive. Our brain associated the color red with potential and produces small amounts of adrenaline, which inevitably leads to suppression of appetite;

overeating with meal
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4. Chew Gum
When you’re hungry, you can try to cheat their hunger with chewing gum. The chewing gum will help somewhat to satisfy their chewing reflex without actually taking the extra calories.
However, do not overdo it with chewing gum because their chewing causes the stomach to produce extra gastric juices that can cause some stomach discomfort;
5. Shoot and post your junk food
Shoot and post your junk food on social networks. This will need to tell your friends how weak-willed and low nutritional culture own, if not ashamed, of course.