pie with leeks cheese and eggs
Traditional pie with leeks cheese and eggs homemade food

Traditional pie with leeks cheese and eggs the best homemade food for your family. Pie is the undisputed symbol of Bulgarian cuisine, sealed in the life of almost every family for centuries.

Vita or imposed with a sweet or salty stuffing, it is a wonderful addition to any holiday or weekday meal.

The traditional Bulgarian pastry is cooked stuffed with white cheese, such as adhering to this basis, its members can be added eggs, various spices, yogurt or milk.

Among the most popular recipes for pie are those stuffed with eggs and cheese, flooded with yogurt, often are made up fresh or leek. This recipe is just one.

Extremely suitable for the traditional feast of St. Petka (October 14) when good among prepared dishes have a dish made with leeks and a festive meal on Christmas.

Traditional pie with leeks, cheese and eggs method of preperation

Necessary products:
600 g. Ready peel

Traditional pie with leeks cheese and eggs
Very useful and nutritious meals for the family table especially for Christmas400 g. Leek5 pcs. eggs

350 g. Cheese
1/3 cup. L. Salt
vegetable oil
For flooding:
1 PC. eggs
2-3. L. Yogurt
Leeks are cleaned, washed and cut into small pieces. In a suitable vessel are heated 2-3. L.

Vegetable oil and onion stew it on low heat for about ten minutes. Allow to cool, during which time the eggs are broken.

If they mix well, them add cheese, crumbled in advance of small pieces or grated, a pinch of salt and cooled down onions.

The finished sheets are spread on a wide surface, each layer, on which will be placed the stuffing, consists of 2-3 leaves.

Proceed to the even distribution of the stuffing, then peel is rolled. All coils are arranged in a greased tray to form a spiral and are sprayed with a little vegetable oil.

Optionally are covered with a beaten egg and 2-3. L. Yogurt. Pie bake in preheated oven at 180`S for 30-35 minutes until it becomes golden.