Traditional Mexican food
country of an abundance endowed with many divine fruit

Traditional Mexican food, country of an abundance endowed with many divine fruit. Mango, cocoa, peanuts, pineapple, rice, corn, avocado, coffee, wheat, pepper, cacti and agave – a long list of fruits and vegetables harvested and used by the ancient tribes Mexican lands – Aztec and Toltec.

Mexican “full cup” an old world culture, without which today is unthinkable refined cuisine, nor the most ordinary kitchen diner. Modern Mexican cuisine has roots more than thirty centuries and still maintains today delicious secrets. With the massive development of agriculture, the table appeared squash, peppers, potatoes, corn and tomatoes. Whole grains and cocoa are very valuable to trade among the people of Central America.

Residents of the desert regions prepare dishes from a cactus called “Nopal”. Mexico is home to many different species of birds bred in farms. Good food sources for locals and fresh waters and the sea. Rich capture frogs, shrimp, fish, turtles and crabs bring additional local color table.

It is wrong to believe that all Mexican dishes are too spicy. In the Mexican culinary tradition has established a rule – to find the essence of each product to achieve harmony in the combination of flavors. Amazing flavors and spices added to foods only underline the specificity of a product.

mexican tortillas
mix of many cultures today one of the most colorful in the world because udichitelnite spices and flavors

Incidentally, not all dishes, plus a hot pepper, are a symbol of Mexican cuisine. After the Spanish colonization brought with her wheat, sugarcane, peas, beans, onions, parsley, beets, certain types of domestic animals (pigs, cows, sheep), local cuisine gradually began to change, becoming more diverse.

Cocoa is already prepared with milk and sugar and served with luscious aromatic foam porcelain cup. Over time, Mexican food is enriched more and more imports of products from other countries – ported rice from China, which is used for fast cooking becomes an important part of Mexican cuisine and now most of Mexican dishes are served table with a side dish of rice.

The French opened restaurants where food is served with cheese, wines, liqueurs, delicious desserts and pastries, the Germans broke through the first coffee plantations and brought Mexicans German beer other than local and new ways of cooking pork. With the British came to Mexico habits – drinking tea and cooking of beef on the grill.