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Top foods to cleanse the lungs of nicotine

Top foods to cleanse the lungs of nicotine, a poisonous alkaloid that causes great dependence and addiction. Tobacco is smoked over the centuries worldwide. Nicotine is a stimulant that can interfere with the proper functioning of nerve and muscle cells. This may lead to heart attacks, increases in blood pressure, and increase the risk of stroke.

Despite the numerous smoking bans and warnings of scientists who have proven that nicotine is bad, people still continue to smoke. Some just chewing tobacco which is less harmful, but the body assumes nicotine Check out the gallery above and well remember these valuable gifts of nature. Broccoli contains a huge amount of vitamins B5, C and B, which are responsible for important processes in the body.

Lack of vitamins can mean that your body is not getting enough nutrients. Broccoli will fill the body with vitamin C and will speed up your metabolism. Furthermore protect lungs from toxins. Broccoli contains the Nrf2 gene that protects the cells of the lungs from harmful substances. If you still smoke, it is good to know that there are products that clear nicotine from the body.

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Poisonous alkaloid that causes great dependence and addiction

Oranges are citrus fruits. Absorption of nicotine is stressful for the body and leads to depletion of the level of vitamin C. Eating oranges, re-mobilization of the body vitamin C. They relieve stress and anxiety, causing a craving for nicotine. Spinach contains folic acid or vitamin B9, which displays the nicotine from the body. Smokers often suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia caused by nicotine. Folic acid is essential if you want to get rid of this problem. She positively influencing mental and emotional state.

Ginger will help get rid of many unwanted symptoms caused by smoking and nicotine addiction. Positive effect should be eaten raw to suppress dependence on nicotine, to adjust weight loss and reduce the toxins in the blood caused by nicotine. In the fight against nicotine addiction can trust ginger! The acid contained in the cranberry helps the blood to move faster than usual.

Nicotine increases the level of sugar in the blood, influence and cranberries. Therefore, it can replace a cigarette with snacking on cranberries and thus suppress the craving for smoking. Lemons are another weapon in the fight against smoking.

If smoke, harmful substances remain in the body for three days, which leads to damage of the skin cells and pores. Help your immune system and skin, eat a lemon.

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There are products that will help you dispose of nicotine from your body

Citric acid and vitamin C contained in it, quickly deal with the desire to smoke. With continuous smoking you reduce the amount of vitamins in the body, leading to the destruction of nerve cells, impaired circulation, and brain damage.

Help your body by snacking on carrots that are high in vitamins A, C and K, and in this way you can strengthen your natural defenses.

Smoking increases heart rate, blood pressure and reduced oxygen levels in the blood.

Each of us can cope with these symptoms snack called. It improves blood circulation and helps the body produce more blood cells.