Top foods for the lungs a good investment in the winter. The big question today is how to protect our lungs with the products available? Eat right! Doctors have compiled a list of foods that help keep your lungs healthy. These tips are especially relevant today.

Top foods for the lungs that not only help breathe
Top foods for the lungs that not only help breathe

The best prevention to maintain lung health is adequate sleep, moderate exercise and a balanced diet. Here are 10 products that not only contain useful elements that protect against various diseases of the respiratory system. These top foods for the lungs make our lives tastier and more beautiful.

Apples Eat more apples! The complex of vitamins C, E and beta-carotene facilitates breathing, reduces the risk of respiratory diseases and improves lung function. Eat apples every day and in large quantities, almost no allergies to them.

Walnuts and oily fish Walnuts are a rich source of valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. The chances of developing asthma are drastically reduced if you eat only a handful of walnuts a day (it is still not recommended to eat more nuts). But with oily fish, you can’t limit yourself. Cook and eat mackerel, salmon, herring regularly and your healthy lungs will work like skins. And if you suddenly get sick, it will help them recover faster.

Blueberries Seasonal fruits are extremely useful for the body as a whole. But blueberries are especially valuable for maintaining lung health. They are known for their high content of vitamin C, which actively fights diseases that affect the respiratory system, including pneumonia.

Top foods for the lungs
Top foods for the lungs a good investment in the winter

Broccoli It is widely believed that foods are especially good for those organs to which they resemble. Walnuts for the brain, tomatoes for the heart, broccoli for the lungs. And it’s true! Broccoli contains a lot of folic acid, carotenoids and vitamin C, which together help fight internal inflammation. Broccoli is the best friend of the lungs.

Hot red pepper Chili pepper tea may compete with the proven folk remedy – sea buckthorn tea and ginger. Capsaicin protects the respiratory mucosa, and beta-carotene reduces the risk of asthma. Chili peppers are even thought to help reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Ginger But we will not give up ginger either. Ginger helps cleanse the lungs by supporting the detoxification process. And American scientists generally consider ginger to be one of the main foods for strengthening the lungs.

Bananas Bananas are high in potassium, which is essential for the proper functioning of our respiratory system. Numerous studies by scientists have shown that if a person’s diet, especially a child’s diet, has enough potassium-rich foods, then the lung capacity is greater and they function better. Spinach, sweet potatoes and beans are also rich in potassium.

Garlic Garlic contains substances that help cleanse the respiratory system of toxins and reduce the negative effects of carcinogens. In addition, garlic has antiseptic properties and reduces inflammation, including in the lungs.

Tomatoes Tomatoes contain potassium and a lot of vitamin C. They are also a storehouse of lycopene, a substance that improves the functioning of the respiratory system. The love of tomatoes is lung health.

Turmeric This spice has anti-inflammatory properties, has a powerful immunostimulating and antioxidant effect. Ground turmeric is an excellent cough medicine. And more – drink as much water as possible! In general, water plays an essential role in the health of the whole body. Water improves metabolism, helps accelerate the cleansing of the respiratory system from accumulated harmful substances and prevents internal inflammation. Drink at least one and a half to two liters of water a day and stay healthy.