Tibetan herbal tea for eternal youth, drink it every day for health and beauty. One of the secrets of preserving youth and beauty was discovered in the 14th century BC by Tibetan monks. For today’s society this recipe has become available not so long ago. In the course of studying one of the books, a list of ingredients for the preparation of Eternal Youth Tea was found.

Tibetan herbal tea for eternal youth
improves blood supply to the skin, tone the body

Here are the ingredients:
chamomile – 100 g
St John’s wort – 100 g
immortal – 100 y
birch pimples – 100 g
You can prepare the herbs collection yourself by collecting them in the spring-summer season, but away from highways, towns and industrial zones. If you can not, simply buy from the herbal pharmacy 100 g of the dried herbs and stir the dry mixture well.

Store in a tightly closed box. To make one serving of green tea, you should take 1 tablespoon of tea. of the mixture and add it to 500 ml of boiling water. Leave it for 30 minutes to stand, then strain. Take half of the tea and add 1 tsp. honey, stir and drink before bedtime.

benefits of green tea

Do not change the recipe by adding or removing components! Leave the rest of green tea in the morning after breakfast, warm it warm and add honey. After drinking green tea in the evening, it is advisable not to drink or take anything. Because the purification of the body, which begins after the intake, can be disturbed.

Thus, Tibetan Evergreen Youth Tea has to be consumed daily, until the dry mixture is over, and this will take about a month and a half. Green tea, also called virgin tea, is one of the best body cleansing teas. Green tea comes from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis, a plant that grows in over 50 countries, from Russia to Argentina and from Brazil to Mozambique.

India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and China are the most popular countries for producing green tea and they are certainly among the most loyal consumers because they value most of the green tea in these countries. Green tea has been known to humans for thousands of years and has been used for so long, but humanity began cultivating it only in 350 BC in China and in 700 BC in Japan. The Asian continent is rated as a healing herb rather than as a simple drink.

Asians keep this tradition, they are somehow addicted to this drink, they drink it as if it were water. Some myths say that this is the reason why Asians always look so young and they never have wrinkles on their skin like this happens to all other people, and in the prime of life they look like children. benefits of green tea are considered to be a miracle medicine to maintain health. Benefit of green tea has an extraordinary power that prolongs life.

Green tea for health
Tibetan herbal tea for eternal youth, drink it every day for health and beauty

Green tea has various essential oils in its composition, such as caffeine, tein, flavonoids, teflavin, vitamin C, tannin, proteins, iron, fluorine, calcium and several other substances in smaller quantities, but the most important component is epigallocatechin gallate. It seems that all these substances that protect us from stress are explained by the simple fact that they are able to fight free radicals from pollution such as cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, ultraviolet rays, etc. They all make it from the ordinary hot drink of green tea – one of the best antioxidants, diuretics, brain stimulant, fat burning stimulants and a protective factor against cancer and aging.

Among the positive effects we can include: low blood pressure, diuretic action, antioxidant action, it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, improves blood circulation and digestion, and recent research would say that green tea controls Alzheimer’s disease. Japanese researchers have proven that tannin contained in herbal tea leaves slows aging of tissues much more and more effectively than vitamin E. Green tea is a good tool for normalizing metabolism, weight stabilization and the secret to eternal youth.