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This Russian diet has become a hit because you can reduce 9 pounds in 9 days

This Russian diet becomes a hit because you can reduce 9 pounds in 9 days.

During the first three days of the diet, you eat mainly cooked rice without fat and spices, and one meal should not eat more than one bowl.

In addition, the last portion of the day must be accepted before 20.00. Between meals should drink plenty of water (minimum 1.5 l). If there is a strong need for a sweet, honey can be eaten, but it should not be more than 3 tablespoons. per day.

Diet From 4 to 6 days

During this period, chicken meat (without the skin), prepared on steam, is eaten. You can eat up to 1 kg a day, and divide the meat in 6 equal portions. And during those days your dinner should not be after 20.00. The honey that was present in the first days, however, is now not allowed.

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Diet  From 7 to 9 days

In the last days of the diet you are allowed 500 g stewed vegetables and 500 g fresh. Vegetables are your choice, but it is good to avoid potatoes. All food is divided into 6 servings and consumed by 20.00 hours at the latest.

Honey in the last three days can be added a little to a glass of green tea. A nine-day diet that has become a hit in Russia can help you melt quickly to 9 pounds.

It is easy to perform, does not require hunger, and is based on food products that are easily available on the market.

Nutrition has become a favorite of many celebrities in show business, and now spreads to their fans.

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He has a good feedback because it quickly eliminates the pounds accumulated during the holidays, for example.

Try it if you have not yet found how to get the dream body.

Re-enter your favorite jeans and enjoy life! See our gallery and the menu you have to follow for 9 days to lose weight.

The French diet is gaining more and more popularity because in two weeks it is possible to achieve an incredible result – a weight loss of eight to ten pounds!

The diet includes the consumption of boiled meat, leafy vegetables, coffee, dairy products and dry cheeses, but in a very limited amount. The French diet is one of the oldest and most rigorous diets.