big chocolate cake
Assembling chocolate cake

The sweetest chocolate cake continue … The finished mixture is poured into a pre-cocoa-coated cake-shaped cake. Bake for 40-45 minutes, the time varies depending on the size of the shape and whether you decide to bake the whole mixture at once or in parts. If you are using a 20cm diameter form, keep in mind that you need to have enough height, ie.

If the shape walls are low, you will have to bake the marsh in pieces. The other option is to put baking paper about 10 cm high on the inside of the cake to prevent the dough from pouring and to help it bake high and evenly. Once the marsh is ready, cool completely and then cut into 3 equal parts.

From these products 3 marshes with a diameter of 18-20 cm are obtained. I’ve made a bigger cake, a diameter of 24-26 cm, and I doubled it and baked twice, each blade cut into two and four swamps.

Chocolate mousse products

400g chocolate (in this case, 200g black and 200g milk)
400ml confectionary cream
3 yolk
3 proteins
Cut the chocolate into small pieces. The cream is heated to boiling and poured into chocolate. Leave for a minute, then stir until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Cool in room tempepatura, being confused from time to time to not catch “bark”.

The yolks break into a water bath and add to the still warm chocolate gourmet. Stir until everything gets together. Be careful when breaking a waterbath, the water should not touch the bottom of the crushing vessel because the temperature becomes too high and the eggs will be cooked. And we do not want omelets.

piece chocolate cake
A chocolate marsh is placed on a tray or cake tray.

The ganash cooled at room temperature is stored in the refrigerator for an hour until it straightens and becomes very dense. Proteins are crushed in snow with a pinch of salt in a water bath (this is optional if you are not worried about using fresh eggs, you can also skip it). A small portion is added to the chocolate and mixed carefully.

At first you may find it difficult because the ganache is tight, but do not worry, after adding a little of the protein, the mixture will relax. Add the protein 2-3 times and mix with a silicone spatula, taking care not to drop the mixture and keep as much of the air as possible in the proteins.

The mush is stored in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes, or until it is tight and becomes convenient to apply on the cake. Keep in mind that the darker the chocolate (with the higher the percentage of cocoa) you use, the thicker the mousse will be. At 50:50 black to milk, good results are obtained. I would not advise you to use only milk because you risk losing the mousse.


A chocolate marsh is placed on a tray or cake tray. A portion of the mousse is applied on it and distributed evenly. So proceed with the other swamps. Finally, the whole cake is plastered with the chocolate mousse and decorated as desired.