perfect female breasts
The secret of perfect female breasts is an object of desire

The secret of perfect female breasts is an object of desire, a point of contention, the most eternal of which are small or big are nice occasion and drama when not sufficiently tightened and your sexy breasts are celebrated by poets and compared with what Do not yet.

Anatomy perfect bust

The future of women’s breasts during puberty decided. Then the mammary gland for the first time comes into contact with the hormones that the ovaries begin to produce. If your sensitivity to hormones – it is genetically predetermined, it is weak, there is no way your breasts to grow much in the future.

Women with small breasts than weak reaction of hormones normally detect and Gynecologists an anomaly during puberty – as anorexia can stop the development of breast cancer. The same happens if, at 12 -13 years old girl practiced intensively any sport, blocking the activity of the ovaries.

All doctors are absolutely clear – things are solved in the three years after the first contact of the breast with female hormones. If the time is omitted, the result is breasts like poached eggs. As for the flare of varying width and grains – round, flat, cylindrical or cone shape, and color, ranging from pink to brown, and they owe to their mothers and grandmothers.

What ruining the perfect bust

Prolonged exposure to the sun. Krita clothes throughout the year, the breast skin becomes very vulnerable to the beach. Protect it with cream, whose UV-factor of at least 30. Take precautions against the sun allergy that appears primarily on the neckline.

The secret of perfect female breasts is of course still in puberty because mammary glands in contact with hormones by the ovaries

Smoking and drinking. And nicotine and alcohol are responsible for the formation of free radicals, adding many years to our true age. Soaking for hours in the hot tub. Put your elastic hair in a saucepan with boiling water and will clearly understand what slchva with your breasts in the hot tub.

Frequent weight loss diets

Breasts not withstand t. Pomegranate. Accordion effect – constantly uploading and lowering weight and be granted beyond repair. So if you need to lose weight by 5 kg, very careful.

More than generous anoint themselves with firming skin creams and often do exercise by pressing the palms. You can anoint themselves with creams containing vitamin A and fruit acids.

In addition to tighten, they smooth the skin, freeing it from dead cells. Abrupt discontinuation of breastfeeding.

The volume of breast drastically reduced because the enlarged mammary gland during pregnancy does not fulfill its purpose. She suddenly collapses and envelope January fat melt and breast sag.