protein substitution
The principle of protein supplement for each person is different

The principle of protein supplement for each person is different. Protein is the most popular nutrients especially for active people. It has a heterogeneous application and multiple functions – much more than those of fats and carbohydrates. Protein is among the most sought after substances.

Consumed in any form

It has the ability to restore, maintain and rebuild cells, bones, muscle tissue, blood, and to create the required antibodies. In nature there are two types of proteins – finished and unfinished. Completed all those which contain essential (essential) amino acids. In the most common case they have animal origin. Incomplete proteins, on the other hand, are of animal origin.

They always lacks one or more of the essential amino acids. There is also the option for a protein supplement. This is a method for protein intake without consuming foods of animal origin. The method is widely used by vegetarians and vegans. The protein supplement is achieved by careful combination of vegetable proteins. In various proteins restricted content of amino acid varies.

When two different foods combine amino acids into one protein can fully adequate to offset the absence of those at the other. This is the essence of the protein complement. The principle is respected by every healthy vegetarian diets. When the body be delivered to a variety of plant sources, he was able alone to produce complete proteins.

protein supplement
The principle of protein supplement or method for protein intake without consuming meat

For example, the wheat plants are low in lysine, while legumes do not contain methionine. The combination of plant proteins – cereals with legumes, leads to a high yield of high quality protein. It is not only as good as animal protein, and in some cases surpasses it. Among the foods that are considered to be independent alternative to animal protein is soy.

The protein supplement is obtained by balanced intake of seeds, nuts, grains, legumes. They found a mix of proteins, which adequately complement without the need for any programming. One misconception is that protein supplement should be done with a meal.

It is not necessary – the body retains for a long time supply of essential amino acids. A healthy and balanced diet is sufficient for taking the necessary doses complete protein. Vegetable protein is completed and healthy alternative for consumption and for all who daily emphasis on meat, eggs and dairy products.