The most useful plants from every continent different plants, which can only be found there and are used as herbs or eat for health. Now I will bring you a healthy journey to some countries. First, we will go to Africa, Tunisia and Egypt. In these countries tribute is sesame.

chestnuts useful plants
The most useful plants from every continent different plants, which can only be found there and are used as herbs or eat for health.

It has rejuvenating properties, is rich in antioxidants. It is useful because it contains a vegetable protein which is readily absorbed by the body. In sesame contains large amounts of iron. It strengthens the heart and prevents disease.
Another useful plant, growing in these places is Devil’s Claw. This fruit is well-known throughout the world. The fruit is hook-shaped and used for therapy. It has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.
In South America, Colombia do they have a plant called cat’s claw. This plant has a stimulating, strengthening and vaccine properties. It’s also a world famous because it contains a very powerful antioxidant called indole. In these places it is believed that Cat’s Claw has anti-cancer effects because of the content of indole.

Comes the Asia, Japan and China. As you probably know, in these countries eat a lot of seaweed and this is not accidental. They are low in cholesterol, stimulate metabolism and do not contain many calories. They are rich in vitamin B12, iodine and potassium. Can be eaten warm or cold in salads or sushi.
Now we walk over to Australia. There is best known eucalyptus. As you know, from the leaves, yielding an oil which is used in medicine. Has antibacterial properties, it unclogs bronchial tubes and helps with bronchitis and fever.
Transfer in North America and Canada. There is most famous maple syrup. The original origin of the syrup is Canada, but it has a worldwide reputation. It can be used for pancakes, teas, waffles and ice cream. It contains vitamins from group B, macronutrients, which are good for the nervous and immune systems.

useful plants from every continent
The most useful plants from every continent, healthy journey in some countries known for their food, method of preparation of various herbs, syrups and infusions for many diseases

Maple syrup
Our last stop is Europe in particular – Finland, France and Poland. In Poland they have a famous jam, which is made from candied rose petals. Represents candied leaf of wild roses which have a high content of vitamin C (20 times more than lemons), essential oils, which significantly increased our immunity.

Chestnuts are also known in these regions. They have been known since the ancient Romans and are much loved by the French. When you visit France, you will notice that its streets every corner you can see and feel the aroma of roasted chestnuts.

They are a rich source of vitamin E, which is known katoeliksir beauty and longevity and potassium, which strengthens the heart.