red velvet cake
The most delicious and juicy red velvet cake

The most delicious and juicy Red Velvet cake, even more so that the strawberry season has already begun and after my next walk in the city I filled my eyes with this aromatic fruit. I could not refrain from doing any desserts even though I did not get into the plans at all. I had no idea what I wanted to prepare, but my hands soaked me, and the only cure I know about it is sprinkling them with flour, sugar and baking powder – it always works for me. I wanted to make a quick cake, I did not even intend to photograph it, because it was a dessert for dinner. Moreover, I already had a Red Velvet cake recipe on the blog.

I decided to try another one this time, and it turned out to be even better. And as the last strokes on the cake were finished, I said to myself, “This must not be unrelated to the world!” I grabbed the camera and, using the last light of the day, I was able to capture this wonderful, super-juicy and gentle “Red Velvet” cake, decorated with scented strawberries in chocolate.

In this recipe, it is explicitly emphasized not to miss the coffee and I agree to a hundred percent In addition to the super juicy, the coffee makes the chocolate instead of chocolate to taste, especially if you used a nice dark cocoa. I used the paint from the powder paint sold in Kaufland, I put the whole box to achieve that color, but at least it did not affect the texture, like the gel, but I wanted to use something that would be available to most bloggers in Bulgaria, and because the weekends are for that – yes is lying, eating, drinking and resting, here is my proposal for the purpose:

Necessary products of red velvet cake

For swamps:

juicy Red Velvet cake
The most delicious and juicy red velvet cake real cute killer

2 eggs
2 hrs. flour
2 hrs. sugar
1 hrs. oil
1/2 hr. coffee
1/2 again. baculber
2-3 tablespoons cocoa
2 vanilla
1 teaspoon of soda
1 tsp. vinegar
1 hrs. fresh milk with lemon juice
red paint
pinch of salt

Cream on red velvet cake

200 ml liquid whipping cream
1/2 hr. powdered sugar
200 g of cream cheese

About ganasa:
100 ml of liquid cream
100 g of chocolate
The marshes are prepared by placing the sifted flour, baking powder, vanilla, cocoa, salt and red dye in the bowl. In another bowl, break the eggs together with the sugar to a fluffy mixture. We add gradually the oil, fresh milk, in which you put a few drops of fresh lemon juice and coffee. I used nice coffee from a machine, which is definitely the better option than the coffee I used so far. Finally add vinegar squeezed in the vinegar. I used a dry vanilla to dry spices and a teaspoon vanilla essence to the wet.

This essence is not as concentrated in small ampoules. It is very soft and soft as a scent and does not give artificial breath to the desserts. Of course, you can use straight and two dry vanilla. We start by alternating and blending with the mixer to mix the dry and wet ingredients to obtain a nice, uniform and deep red mixture. Divide the mixture into two or three deeper, 20 cm diameter trays, pre-greased and laid on the bottom with a circle of baking paper. Swam the bakes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about half an hour. They will remain moist after baking, which guarantees the juicy texture of the cake. Put the prepared ponds on a grid and take the cream.

It is a traditional, mild and very airy cream of broken cream to which we add powdered sugar if it is not sweetened. To the already shredded cream, add a box of cream cheese like Philadelphia. This ingredient stabilizes the mixture and gives it a greater density and contributes to the rich taste of the dessert.

With this cream we smear between the swamps as well as smear the whole cake. I decorated the cake with mildly chocolate-dyed strawberries. Gianassa cook as warmed cream, add the broken chocolate and stir until it melts completely. Another little decoration with the help of melted chocolate and ready. This cake turned out to be a real killer! Not only with your taste, but also the premature death of my mixer.