eating raw food
Mistakes made by raw owls

The mistakes made by people who eat uncooked food because it is considered to be one of the most modern currents in the diet of modern humans. It is considered extremely useful as it cleanses the body of toxins, helps to quickly remove excess pounds, makes the skin more hungry and shiny, and also helps fight serious illnesses.

According to nutritionists, the intake of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can relieve conditions such as constipation, liver and gallbladder disease, obesity, old age diabetes, gout, atherosclerosis, hypertonic disease, skin eczema, epilepsy, etc.

But raw food can also have a negative effect on our body if we move on to it without getting well informed. Check out the gallery the most common mistakes people make when they start to eat only raw food.
Know them to protect yourself from them and make sure that when you decide to become a raw horse you will do it in the safest way for your body.

Start abruptly with raw food

If you have consumed mainly processed foods so far and suddenly start eating only raw fruits and vegetables, there is a danger that your stomach will rebel. That’s why it’s a good idea to enter the raw food smoothly;

diet eating raw food
the most modern currents in the diet of modern humans

Switch to horseradish without prior consultation with a specialist. This is one of the most common mistakes people make. Considering they have read enough about this type of diet, they recruit it without consulting a suitable nutritionist or other physician. It is desirable to do at least one physician visit so that an expert can determine the suitability of the hatchery for the organism and monitor it during the regime;

Do not consume enough food

When you consume meat, animal products and other types of cooked food, you’ve gotten more calories with smaller amounts of food. But since much of the raw food is low-calorie, you need to breed larger portions of raw food. If you do not, you are likely to feel dropped out;

Shop in inappropriate places

When your menu consists only of plant food, it is of utmost importance to buy fruit and vegetables from organic farms. Otherwise, you risk consuming products that are dusted with nitrates;

Consume nuts undamaged. Soaked raw nuts are more easily consumed by the body, more delicious, more useful and more hydrating to the body. If you forget to soak them, they are likely to cause stomach problems;

Turn the oats into a filler. Many of the modern followers of the hierarchy are obsessed with it and try to respect it at all costs. In this situation, even if their body does not feel well from raw food, they are ready to suppress the signals the body gives them and to put it in danger.