The invaluable benefits of forest fruits
The invaluable benefits of forest fruits

The invaluable benefits of forest fruits, a unique gift of nature. So nutritionists call the fruits we put under the common name forest. Forest fruits contain many of the nutrients necessary for health. What’s more, they are the perfect seasonal food and consumed in a variety of ways. Forest fruits are extremely useful for health. Rich in fiber, which makes us feel fuller, reducing appetite.

In addition to being a favorite food in summer with irresistible colors and flavors, they also relieve the symptoms of arthritis. The antioxidants contained in them protect the body from infections and free radicals that could damage the cells and organs. Numerous studies have shown that berries improve cognitive and motor abilities. For this reason, they are an ideal addition to food.

The greatest benefit is the combination of two or three types of berries, whether fresh, frozen or dried. The most famous are blueberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blackberries.

uniquely delicious and of great nutritional value
Uniquely delicious and of great nutritional value

Strawberries have high levels of folic acid and contain more vitamin C than even the oranges. Potassium in them is useful for the nervous system, while calcium and phosphorus maintain bone strength.

Forest fruits improve the functioning of the digestive system. They reduce appetite, protect the heart, eyes and skin. Blueberries contain 20 types of anthocyanin – an antioxidant that gives them the blue-purple and red color. One serving of blackberries and raspberries contains 8 g of fiber – three times the recommended daily dose.

Research has shown that raspberries are useful in the fight against various cancers such as breast, cervix, colon, esophagus, prostate. Experts say raspberries are an effective tool in the fight against obesity because they contain ketones that stimulate metabolism and burn fat.

Cranberries are not only an excellent natural probiotic, they also help with urinary infections by protecting the Escherichia coli. They are a sure guard against the onset of carcinomas, improve the immune system, protect the liver and the brain.

Forest fruits are an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals
Forest fruits are an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals

A study conducted by the American Cancer Association among hundreds of men and women concludes that people who regularly consume berries are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

The special antioxidant pigments in this type of fruit make them the perfect food for the brain in the realms of fruits and vegetables.

Storage of berries:

– freezing – the simplest and quickest way to store berries. Frozen, they are ideal for cakes and troubles, as they retain most of their nutrients;

– Drying – dried berries are easier to store than frozen, but their processing takes longer.

Can be used for delicious healthy snacks or for cake making;

– canning – the berries are suitable for preparing compotes, jams and juices after appropriate heat treatment. If properly preserved, they can be consumed for up to two years.