Which are the healthiest drinks in the world and why they are so popular among the population of the Earth. In modern everyday life, the word antioxidants is widely known, mainly due to the advertising of various food products. Almost every tea or yogurt maker feels obligated to put the icon containing antioxidants on their products, but very few people know what that means.

First, antioxidants are not a separate type of nutrient, but a common name for elements that have the ability to fight free radicals. Free radicals, on the other hand, are special molecules that can destroy other molecules and even cells in your body. As a rule, they must fight viruses and bacteria, participate in the formation of hormones, energy production and other life processes.

healthiest drinks
The healthiest drinks in the world

However, with age, free radicals become more and more, the body is unable to control them, and they begin to destroy it from within. With the formation of free radicals, doctors associate the development of many diseases (including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, ulcers, etc.), as well as the aging process. But you can protect yourself from these troubles with antioxidants.

These include vitamins A, C, E, as well as elements such as zinc, selenium, glutathione and some others. Individually, they are part of many products, but finding them together and in fairly large quantities is not so easy. This criterion is the key to the rating of electrolyte drinks.

List of healthiest drinks in the world

1. Pomegranate juice In addition to these elements, it contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium. Very useful for the cardiovascular system, hypertension, anemia and anemia. It should not be drunk by people with peptic ulcer and high acidity.

2. Red wine. Several studies of the properties of wine have proven its usefulness in the prevention of cancer. Nutritionists advise daily intake of wine with food, but warn: Your dose should not exceed 30 grams per day.

3. Grape juice. It contains many vitamins that are valuable for hair and nails, and ascorbic acid will help you fight germs. In addition, grape juice helps maintain a healthy memory, fights breast cancer and maintains firmness and elasticity of the skin.

4. Blueberry juice. For humans, blueberries are known primarily for strengthening eyesight and saving from diarrhea. In fact, their beneficial properties are much broader – blueberries help fight diabetes, prevent gum disease and maintain youth in the body.

5. Cherry juice. This healthy drink contains vitamin A, necessary for teeth and eyes, iron and vitamin C (fights infections). It also reduces the risk of developing many types of cancer, prevents the occurrence of urinary tract diseases, helps preserve memory in adulthood.

Why heathiest drink are recommended by doctors
Why heathiest drink are recommended by doctors

6. Acai berry juice. This berry is not very popular in our country, which is a pity. Contains special plant pigments that hydrate the skin and prevent its aging. Acai berries also contain a lot of fatty acids, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

7. Cranberry juice. It has antipyretic action, helping with coughs and colds, removes toxins from the body, increases activity in the brain and relieves fatigue. Strong diuretic without washing the necessary potassium from the body.

8. Orange juice. Excellent healthy drink to prevent colds and flu. Relieves fatigue, activates the brain and strengthens blood vessels. It is useful in hypertension and atherosclerosis. Contraindicated in people with high acidity and low calcium.

9. Tea. The variety does not matter. But the main thing is that this should be real tea, not a concentrate in a bottle. Tea not only tones and refreshes, but also fights heart disease and various types of infections.

10. Apple juice. It is used for atherosclerosis, diseases of the liver, bladder and kidneys. Normalizes bowel function, removes toxins from the body and quickly restores strength after exercise. Apple juice is one of drinks for beautiful skin in the world.