healing energy of propolis
Called propolis, it has a high content of vitamins, proteins and other useful substances for the body

The healing energy of propolis have been known since antiquity. The term propolis comes from Greek and means “protect the city.” The name is not accidental, because it connects with the complicated hierarchy colony in the hive. Called propolis, it has a high content of vitamins, proteins and other useful substances for the body.

There are anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating action. Propolis destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. It shows good effect on ulcers and wounds, and promotes rapid healing. Propolis is a painkiller. It is effective for hemorrhoids and varicose veins, because it stops intravascular coagulation.

This bee product is used as a remedy for renal diseases, inflammations of the airways, corns and the like. Natural cure for gingivitis. You can mash a piece of it until soft and put it on the gums for the night. If you have bleeding gums you can make homemade mouthwash using a mixture of a little water with a few drops of propolis.

Do you prefer alcoholic solutions, solutions must be about 40 g propolis 100 grams alcohol. Keep consistency in the dark for several days, shaking 5-6 times a day. Before becoming fit for use must Strain the mixture and mix it with water – about 40 drops mixed with 40 milliliters of water, drink a little before eating.

energy of propolis
propolis has antiviral and antiseptic properties, propolis affects the immune system and stimulates the metabolism

Before you start using propolis, you should know that its use often leads to allergies. This is due to multi-component composition. The main properties, which cause allergic reactions are derived from a so-called. kofeati, salicylic acid and grains of pollen. Sometimes in contact with the skin can cause dermatological problems, but when you add in food – stomatitis and erosion of the oral cavity.

Sensitive to propolis are mostly people who are allergic to bites from bees or a predisposition to allergies. It turns out however that propolis is extremely useful to humans. Its antiviral and antiseptic properties favorably affect the human immune system, boost metabolism and increase the body’s natural defenses against viruses. The good news for diabetics and that regular intake of propolis reduces blood sugar levels to normal values.

The effect of daily use of propolis is felt best by people who suffer from the so-called senile diabetes. It recommended to take 1 ball pea propolis dissolved in water 30 minutes before eating in the morning. Then it is advisable to drink and 1 cup warm milk to prevent burning sensation that propolis may cause.