fruit and vegetable combinations
The best fruit and vegetable combinations for your health

The best fruit and vegetable combinations for your health. We all know that fruit and vegetable juices are the most vitamin-rich food for the body. Different combinations thereof enriched with herbs and spices act favorably not only on our digestive system but also the whole body.

Did you know that many natural painkillers found in your kitchen?

Make tea, juice or disturb the morning with breakfast and stay healthy throughout the year. We have collected the healthiest combinations of fruits and vegetables, in addition to health and will bring delight to your palate.

– Apple + cinnamon – to improve metabolism;

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Did you know that many natural painkillers found in your kitchen

Did you know that many natural painkillers found in your kitchen
carrot + walnuts + yogurt – for better vision;
– Spinach + apple + copper + limon- energy for the whole day;
– Carrot + Ginger + Apple – reinforces and strengthens the immune system;
– Apple + Cucumber + Celery – lowers cholesterol, relieves indigestion and headaches;
– Tomatoes and carrot + apple – improves skin tone and removes bad breath;
– Chilli + apple + banana – prevents bad breath and removes fever;
– Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi – hydrates, nourishes and refreshes the skin;
– Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango – warms the body, lowers blood pressure and detoxifies cells;
– Pineapple + kiwi – for normal functioning of the nervous system;
– Orange + Carrot + Ginger + beetroot – to enhance the immune system;
– Kiwi + raspberry + pomegranate + apple – immunity and maintenance of normal bone;
– Cucumber + Celery + apple + lemon – to reduce fatigue;
– Grape + watermelon + apple – supplies the body with vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B2, which increases cellular activity and immunity;
– Pear + banana – regulates blood sugar levels, supplying cells with potassium and iron;
– Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon – enriches the blood with mineral salts, cure bladder and kidneys;
– Orange + Ginger + Cucumber – improves the color and moisture of the skin and remove temperature;
– Grapefruit + melon + ginger – perfect remedy for colds;

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The best fruit and vegetable combinations and suitable herbs for good metabolism and intake of vitamins and minerals

– Tomatoes and fresh basil leaves + coconut milk with red pepper – for the normal functioning of the nervous system;
– Papaya + pineapple + apple – supplies blood vitamin C, E, iron and improves skin tone and metabolism;
– Banana + pineapple + orange – enriches the body with vitamins and nutrients, prevents constipation.

You can add fruit and vegetable combinations

– Mint – granting painful muscles and relieve abdominal pain;
– Turmeric – for chronic pain and inflammation;
– Ginger – for joint and muscle pain and strong immunity;
– Garlic – for earache and antibacterial agent;
– Honey – to treat mouth sores and insect bites;
– Cloves – for toothache and gingivitis;
– Horseradish – for treating sinusitis;
– Parsley – for fresh breath;
– Grapes – recovery of wounds.
To each of the combinations do not forget to add herbs such as parsley, fennel or celery for a better taste.