The best breakfast cereal porridge you can’t resist. We will not tire of repeating that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it is. A properly selected breakfast is the kind of meal that will keep us full throughout the day.

The best breakfast cereal porridge
The best breakfast cereal porridge

In the recent past, many of us started our day with delicious porridge, but gradually this healthy breakfast was replaced by sandwiches, its various types of muesli and whatever. The truth is that porridge is an excellent breakfast option suitable for both young and adult children. Here are three of the best breakfast cereals to take care of your whole family’s health

Cereal porridge Oatmeal

The undisputed leader in breakfast cereals is oatmeal, which can be present at your table any day of the week. In addition to being very easy to prepare, it allows it to be tailored to everyone’s taste. It is enough to cook the oats on the ready and let each family member garnish it as they like – with fruits, cream, milk, chi, nuts or whatever they prefer.

Oatmeal is very rich in fiber, which is an excellent means of reducing cholesterol. In addition, it is characterized by an enviably low fat content, as well as the so-called. Slow sugars that keep us fed for longer because they keep our body’s insulin levels under control. In order to make your oatmeal snack the most useful, in no case add extra sugar to it.

Buckwheat cereal porridge

Buckwheat is one of the products that are gaining in popularity. In the past, it was often mistaken for the cereal family, leading to its avoidance by people suffering from gluten intolerance.

The truth is that buckwheat belongs to the paw family, it does not contain any gluten, but on the other hand it is extremely rich in antioxidants, fiber and minerals. It is a little known fact that buckwheat contains much more protein than live, and in contrast it is rich in lysine.

cereal porridge
Your child’s best breakfast cereal porridge to get the energy they need for the day

We recommend starting your day with buckwheat porridge to reduce stress, help treat depression, and relieve some panic attacks. In combination with milk, you will refresh your brain early in the morning, increase glutathione levels, an enzyme that is essential for brain health, which protects brain tissue from various metabolic toxins.

Millet is among the traditional cereals that are typical of our region. Nowadays, people associate millet usually with pet food, such as birds, parrots, but the truth is that this cereal has an extremely rich history that can be traced back to the past. Millet is believed to have been a staple food for people living in Africa and North Asia.

Even today, nearly a third of the world’s population consumes millet in one form or another. Another reason to prefer millet porridge is that it is gluten-free. In addition, even a single portion of it will deliver solid doses of silicon, magnesium, copper and more to your body.

Boiled millet has a fluffy texture that sets it apart from other whole grains, it resembles a mashed potato with a pronounced nutty taste. A great idea is to add boned tuyere, cinnamon, cardamom or orange juice to it.