Thai blue tea
Thai blue tea helps fight chronic fatigue, calms the nervous system and helps in coping with stress

Thai blue tea is made from a plant called Klitoria troychaiaya / family Fabaceae / – Thai orchid papilionaceous or pea.

Her beauty deserves the strongest epithets. Flower received worldwide fame not only because of his vision, but also for its amazing healing properties. His unusual petals for many centuries are dried and then used in the preparation of the original beverage known as blue tea.

The flowers are picked early in the morning, while the buds are still not dissolved. Once dry, undergo a special procedure for oxidation, then bloom again dried. This method makes it possible to retain all the advantageous properties that are not a few.

Blue tea is the perfect drink for people who because of their profession spend much time at the computer. He has amazin

g qualities to clean and strengthen the ocular vessels, improves eyesight and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

The beverage is endowed with a special flavor, which can be assessed only after its use. Moreover, the plant is used in cosmetics and medicine.
As with all herbal potions and blue tea has many advantages due to the high content of vitamins and other micronutrients.

The composition of tea are complex vitamins – C, K, D, E, and elements such as manganese, iron and phosphorus.
This drink has a beneficial effect on health. This is confirmed by numerous clinical studies.
And here’s some more from the other useful properties of tea Blue:

Controls the metabolic processes in the body and fight against overweight

• cleans and strengthens blood vessels;
• It helps fight chronic fatigue;
• Controls cerebral blood flow;
• calms the nervous system and helps in coping with stress;
• Controls the metabolic processes in the body and fight against overweight;
• normalizes blood pressure;
• Prevents hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
The tea has a pleasant aroma, bright color and mild flavor. To improve the taste of the beverage may be added mint, lemon or black currant leaves.

Use in cooking

Because of the unusual blue tea is widely used in cooking as a natural colorant. It is a perfect decoration for each dessert. In the homeland of tea is also used to color rice.